Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauty culling fail- the Priceline freebie bag strikes again!

Happy Sunday morning dudes! I feel like it's almost bed time, I've been up since the crack of dawn after falling asleep on the lounge last night, walked Marcel, been out for breakfast, been to the gym and done a clean up. Mr C and I will probably go out to inhale some Lebanese food soon.

But for now, a confession. I had been doing really well finishing products, using up what's in my cupboard, not throwing things out (gross!) And then, Priceline go and have another freebie bag. These are most definitely my weakness, again timed with me going in there to buy something I actually needed and coming out with 3929292 products extra.

First impressions are good, with a few products I'd want to try anyway. I have s far used:
- the anti-static styling comb. I LOVE this. Wide tooth on one end, really thin on the other. This will be great to have for work trips, and I've used it in the shower and it's great
- Edward Beale argan oil. I'm late on the argan oil train, but now I've come to accept how long my hair is (no idea when it happened) I better start looking after it. This smells lovely and definitely made my hair shinier
- Pantene 3 minute treatments, which I have used before and liked

Not quite sure about the hair 'extensions' though...


  1. thanks for the helpful reviews! I must saw that i often go overload when buying beauty products as well

  2. Oh I saw this and had to walk away....



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