Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauty culling fail- the Priceline freebie bag strikes again!

Happy Sunday morning dudes! I feel like it's almost bed time, I've been up since the crack of dawn after falling asleep on the lounge last night, walked Marcel, been out for breakfast, been to the gym and done a clean up. Mr C and I will probably go out to inhale some Lebanese food soon.

But for now, a confession. I had been doing really well finishing products, using up what's in my cupboard, not throwing things out (gross!) And then, Priceline go and have another freebie bag. These are most definitely my weakness, again timed with me going in there to buy something I actually needed and coming out with 3929292 products extra.

First impressions are good, with a few products I'd want to try anyway. I have s far used:
- the anti-static styling comb. I LOVE this. Wide tooth on one end, really thin on the other. This will be great to have for work trips, and I've used it in the shower and it's great
- Edward Beale argan oil. I'm late on the argan oil train, but now I've come to accept how long my hair is (no idea when it happened) I better start looking after it. This smells lovely and definitely made my hair shinier
- Pantene 3 minute treatments, which I have used before and liked

Not quite sure about the hair 'extensions' though...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recently 13.2.2013

Is it just me or are the weeks really long at the moment? Four day work weeks would be great about now. Here's some stuff I've been doing lately, in between being stressed to the eyeballs with work. Ugh. 
  1. My friend Gem and I went to Luna Park for a gig
  2. Sadly Frenzal Rhomb weren't playing. Even though we heard from a friend they probably wouldn't, we were still sad to see this sign at the entrance. We have been seeing Frenzal together since we were 15, don't judge!
  3. The Descendents headlined and they were so so so good. Milo, the lead singer, is 50 but puts a lot of singers I've seen lately that are half his age to shame
  4. Knowing how ugh work has been lately, Mr C asked if I had any requets for dinner. His chicken schnitzel is always my #1 request. Quinoa flakes, home made chips and coleslaw. The BEST. 
  5. Got my hair did. I had last minute panic about maybe chopping it off but long hair is so easy. Apart from the bit where my dark blonde/ ranganess comes through and I need to re-darken it. So long and dead straight it is!
  6. My fave outfit at the moment. Can't stop wearing it. Country Road breton dress, Isabel Marant Dickers, Just Jeans leather jacket. So easy, so comfy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A weekend in Malbun

I spent the weekend in Melbourne (Malbun is forever what it sounds like to me when Malburnians say it) celebrating my sister's birthday. My sister and I have never been close by any stretch of the imagination, but since she moved down to Vic we make much more of an effort to see each other. My mum has recently moved to Melbourne (from country Victoria) and although I miss my ski lodge (ha!) it makes life so much easier to be able to hop on a plane and see them, if even only for a few days. 

I had Friday off to get all mani-pedied, organise some of the mountain of paperwork sitting on my desk at home neglected, and make some washing powder, something I've wanted to do for age!

We did a bit of shopping, a lot of eating, and even more drinking. Can't wait til Easter when I'm down there for a couple of weeks and can relaaaaaax. 
  1. ubiquitous 'at the airport' plane shot
  2. South of Johnston cafe, which according to Holly Pop reckons is full of filthy hipsters. I reckon she's been away from Sydney too long, because that ain't nothing compared to some of the cafes I've been to lately!
  3. Great brekkie (I had the camembert omelette special) and coffee but my gawd it was sooooo sloooooooow. If you wanna be popular Melbournian cafes, get some more staff. Or be quicker. Or something
  4. Hellenic Republic for my sister's birthday dinner. I was the only non-Melbournian there but the only one that had been there. Suckers!
  5. Wine which I wish I was drinking right now
  6. The banquet, which I insisted upon to stop arguments. Really good value, we were all stuffed
  7. My sister's friends singing her (and two others happy birthday. Check out the weirdo in the pink dress with the camera in the mirror)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beauty: How many lip products is too many?

I feel completely silly even saying this, given people have had actual devastation to their homes, but this is what I came home to after the wild weather we had in Sydney the other day:

This is just what fell into my bath, along with about a kilo of sand. It was time for action. 

I started with my lip products. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of lipstick, you wouldn't think I would have that many. WRONG!

Try THIRTY TWO items. And this doesn't count what is lurking in my work desk drawers, or in my glove box. I'd guess at least an extra ten. I'm mortified. What on earth have I been thinking? A fair few of them have been GWPs or freebies from Priceline bags, but at what point did I forget that there is no way I'd ever be getting through these? But I shall try...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beauty: January empties

Inspired by posts on My Cats Say Meow and The Blonde Ballerina, I'm going to keep track of the items I've finished from my ridic cupboard of beauty products. Every time I look in there, or at my list of items to go through, I remember I must stay away from Priceline. Repeat, MUST STAY AWAY FROM PRICELINE. 

I imagine these posts will get bigger each month as I continue to shop my beauty warehouse of a linen cupboard, but this what I finished in January.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry
LOVE this! I bought my first Chubby Stick in the US (at about 1 zillionth of the price they are here in Oz) and fell in love immediately. They are the perfect not-quite-lipstick/ not-quite-gloss finish and last really well for how moisturising they are. This colour is really flattering and seems to suit everyone I've seen try it. I drained this to the dregs, to give you an indication of how much I didn't want it to end. Would DEFINITELY purchase again, when I get through my 29294934 other lip products. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
I am not a huge consumer of perfume. I usually have one for daytime, a roller ball type scent for my handbag (currently Kheils) and another for night (currently Viktor & Rolf). This has been my day scent for ages now, I think this is my third bottle, as I received it for gifts. Absolutely adore this scent, and the blue flowers on the bottle. Would purchase again, but I think I am ready for a change. Any suggestions? 

Face of Australia Face Base Primer
I bought this after reading rave reviews and it didn't disappoint. I'm quite new to the Primer train, and only really use it for events when I'm wearing a decent amount of make up. As that is not that often these days, this lasted me ages. I have only tried one other primer, which is Nars, and for the price this compares really well. As in, I didn't notice much of a difference to justify the massive price difference. Will be purchasing again this week, as I have no primers in my stash, and a Priceline voucher to burn (not a good thing!)

MAC Select SPF Foundation
This used to be my HG foundation, but I think my skin has changed as it isn't doing it for me any more. Was really glad to have it finished and won't be purchasing again. 

Natio Pure Mineral Foundation
I don't even remember where this came from, but I'm guessing from my Mum when she used to own a health food shop which stocked some Natio. This is the only mineral foundation I've ever used so have nothing to compare it to, but didn't love it. Won't be repurchasing. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Country Road: my A/W 13 picks

After doing my wardrobe culling and listing of everything in there, I could actually see some pretty clear gaps for key pieces I needed. Well, need in that way. 

A friend of mine has just gone back to working at Country Road, so I took advantage of her discount and scored these:

Some coated skinny jeans in black that I can dress up. A black silk, long sleeved shirt perfect for work or on the weekend with the sleeves rolled. A casual dress in thick fabric that I can wear away from my beachside suburb and not feel half naked.  

Winter shopping, consider yourself commenced. 


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