Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend: heat, sushi and Weezer

What a weekend! These days I look forward to quiet weekends where I don't have much planned, but the busy ones always turn out more fun, don't they?

Friday night again was super hot in Sydney, Marcel found ways to beat the heat though. Ice pack, anyone? 

Saturday was a huge food day. Brunch at Bread and Circus with some of my girlfriends and the cutest two year old boy in the world. I found a bit meh, unlike the rest of Sydney given the hype. Lining up for 20 minutes to be told there are no salads left, and having to order coffee in another line is not my idea of a relaxing meal.  

Anyhoo it was still a great catch up, and gave me just enough time to grab my husband and prepare my stomach for the awesomeness of Sushi Suma in Surry Hills. I had heard that they have changed hands, and it must be true as:
  • the cranky man with the ever-changing hair wasn't there 
  • the service was excellent 
  • they now take bookings
This is somewhat disappointing to me as the terrible service and the crazy/ cranky man were the reason we went there, the tops sashimi was just a bonus. Here is a pic of me with the kaiso salad, which I horribly sent to my friend in London who bemoans the lack of sushi in the UK (and my company I'm sure). 

Sushi-d up, we headed to the Entertainment Centre (blergh) for Weezer. These bands reuniting/ retouring is great for an old bat like me who only goes to gigs if they are REALLY good and was slightly too young to see these guys the last time they came 16 years ago. I also missed seeing them in New York by half an hour. HALF AN HOUR. Also the Halloween dog parade was on that day, but I digress...
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. The crowd was great (I know, I'm shocked too), they played on time (important), they played a whole lot of hits starting from 2012 and going back in time, had an intermission, and a SLIDE SHOW of old photos, before kicking off the Blue album in its entirety. Bliss. I didn't even mind that I was at the Entertainment Centre. 
They were having so much fun and made it seem like they genuinely wanted to be there, it made me feel like the tour was not a cash-grab like some older bands do. I danced. And sung and danced. Thank you Weezer!




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