Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: best fashion

This will be a post about a lot of basics and some accessories. If this sounds boring, tune out now. 

With my constant wardrobe culling I've been able to really see what my favourite pieces are this year. My go-tos, that mean I rarely get that 'I've got nothing to wear' feeling of impending doom/ disaster. 

This year I have accepted a few things that make getting dressed and buying new things easier.
  • my style is very casual. There is zero point in me buying embellished tops, fancy outfits or high maintenance clothing. I won't wear it, despite how much I love looking at it in my wardrobe
  • having shoes you love and that go with most things makes it so much easier to put an outfit together
  • spending decent money on basics and the things you wear all the time does make a massive difference. Why did it take me so long to realise this?
  • with the above, sometimes great things don't have to be expensive and it's worth taking a punt on a cheapie
  • 'fast fashion' is boring, wasteful and irresponsible. When I cull, it's always the trends I got sucked in to that go. Inevitably they are cheap pieces that I never 'loved' but felt some sort of obligation to buy into. No more!

Here are my favourite things of 2012. Not all of them were purchased last year but they were what was on the highest rotation and were the best value. 

Isabel Marant 'Dickers' in khaki
Purchasing these made me feel like I was jumping on a speeding, out of control, bandwagon, but I am soooo glad I did. I have no idea what I did without these in my life. Flattering on the leg in pants and skirts, walk-around-for-hours comfortable and fantastic quality. These were my #1 purchase of 2012 by far. I'm considering purchasing them in another colour for this year. 

Country Road 'Winona' ballet flats
I have repurchased these I think 3 times now. There are better quality, more exxy ballet flats out there but for $89.95 these are good value to me. I wore these most days to work and they never bothered me, never felt uncomfortable or didn't suit something I wanted to wear. Super comfortable and they look the best with the tapered pants I found myself wearing all year round. 

ASOS tapered pants
These are one 'cheapie' that went the distance this year. When every time you wear a pair of pants someone asks 'have you lost weight?' you buy them again. I have them in black (x2), blue and maroon. Work pants for the year, sorted. 

ASOS curve hemmed tshirts
Again with the repurchasing, in multiple colours (black, white, grey). This super cheap tshirt is so ridiculously flattering on me, perfect sleeve length and amazing quality fabric for the price ($10 on sale!!!)

Bassike heritage striped tshirt in black and white stripe
It seems I bought a lot of tshirts this year. Which is good, given what I have learnt this year. This is a relaxed fit and goes with everything. It's actually embarrassing how many times I have worn this baby this year. Every second photo I have seen of myself has my wearing this tshirt, but who cares? Mustn't be me, because I just bought it in khaki and white (on sale!)

Just Jeans black leather jacket
Totally copied Kirryn from Teacup Grunge with this one, and seeing it look so great on lots of other bloggers, it must be love!
A great copy of the ultimate Helmut Lang leather jacket, at about a billionth of the price (and on super-sale), this is a copy I'm happy to have. I wore this to death in winter and am not too sad about cold weather because I can wear this!

Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses in crazy tortoise
I don't even think these suit me that much but I don't care I LOVE THEM!! 
Alexander McQueen double skull ring
I'm so tough with my skull ring oh yeah... but seriously this was a gift and I loooove it. So comfortable to wear, unlike a lot of chunky rings. And the swarovski crystal eyes are a little bit pretty 

Michael Kors sports watch in silver 
Again with the bandwagon jumping. Don't care. This watch gets weird reactions, from a woman grabbing my arm and demanding to know where I got it from ('cause, you know, you barely see MK watches anywhere...) to a jerkface telling me it was a man's watch and what sort of idiot girl wouldwear a girls watch? Up his. 

Superga classic plimsolls
Because there comes a time in life where Converse are no longer appropriate to wear everywhere. Love these and they make me feel like a grownup. Sometimes. 
Bassike black tuxedo blazer
Classic blah blah investment piece blah blah. Whatever, I wore the shit out of this thing. I only wish it was machine washable, then I might marry it.
Alexander Wang Fumo wristlet
Another 'where have you been all my life' purchase. I bought it as a clutch, I use it every day as my wallet now. It stops me carrying around so much crap, plus fits my phone in it when I need. Perfect for going-to-the-coffee-shop dog walks. Which is every day. 
End of saga. I still need to do my wardrobe list. I've been putting it off, perhaps I'm scared? 
Til next essay...


  1. Love the post! I LOVE every item you posted!!!!!

    lol @ MK watches never around.

    I so want those Isabel Marant 'Dickers'!! I'm going to google what other colours they come in. I am also going to look at ASOS and buy Ts. I think i'm lazy though, I keep buying white T's because they never appear that white once i wash them a few times.

    Hmm maybe I should improve on my washing talents instead? Lol.

    - KK

    1. Dickers are the BEST I tell you! You must buy, worth every cent!

      Ha, I am so like that with white Ts as well, nothing a bit of Napisan can't fix though.

  2. I love this post carley! I love every single item and agree with every one.

    I have a pair of the witchery copy dickers but I reeeeally want the real thing. just don't know if I can justify the cost though...

    I have the bassike striped tee and love it so much, I've lived in it in summer too x

  3. I also love my dickers so much that I am considering a third pair! Maybe in leather??? :)

    Love your other buys!



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