Thursday, January 17, 2013

Culling: wardrobe listing

This afternoon I worked from home and didn't have a lot that I had to get done, and was a bit brain dead. Being home in bright sunlight, I went to start taking photos of a pile of ebay stuff I have ready to go. 

Before I started I figured it was as good a time as any to start really sorting out my wardrobe. Everything came out. Everything. I was so sick of shopping and not knowing what I need and what I have 48492 of already.  
It was a punish to be honest, but I'm so glad it's done. 

Everything is recorded (my hand hurts) back in the wardrobe, reorganised, sorted properly. All the hangers are back to front so I can keep track of what I'm wearing. I'll even go the extra nerdface step of spreadsheeting it so I can keep an easy record of what I buy/ cull. Hopefully more of the culling. 

Observations already:
  • I have a lot of Bassike. A lot
  • Also a lot of stripes
  • I thought I was really good at culling stuff. I'm not, as it turns out. I realised I had a red (so, so, so not my colour) Threadless hoodie from about 10 years ago that I've never gotten rid of. I also have a LOT of band tshirts for someone who doesn't like band tshirts, for example
  • My work tops are about triple what I thought. I always think I have no tops to wear to work. I do
  • I need new work pants. I actually overestimated what I thought I had to wear on my bot bot for work
 Half my tops, laid out ready to be scrutinised
 Tops getting messy
Two tops I completely forgot I had. A Sass &; Bide leopard silk shirt, and a beaded tshirt I bought about 12 years ago. 
One part of wardrobe done! Pants and dresses sorted. Shoes not touched yet, let's ignore those. 


  1. Well done. Do you feel better? I wish I could work from home and do things like this. Sometimes at work the urge to cull, declutter or clean comes over me, but by the time I get home I am tired and brain dead.

  2. Ah im so envious of everyone doing this wardrobe culls! I need to do one so badly but just dont have the time!

  3. I love a good cull! it feels so refreshing and energizing :) you've inspired me to pull everything out of my wardrobe this weekend! x



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