Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recently 30.1.2013

January is nearly over. I know. Hope you all had a great long weekend and aren't flooded/ fired/ stormed out. 

Here's what I'm up to at the moment. 

If you have, like me, annoying hormonal acne, listen up. I should not have it at my ripe old, starting- with-the-number-3 age, when I should be worrying about wrinkles more than pimples. But I do, and it's really starting to get to me. It's only a couple every month, and I really shouldn't complain because it's not that bad, but I'm just over it. I really wish I remember where I heard this tip, because it's a life changer.
Old fashioned, chemist, probably made for nappy rash, zinc cream. Oh my stars, why have I not used this before? I do not want to count any chickens etc but in three nights of using this I have noticed the BIGGEST change in the skin on my chin. I just put it on at night, after cleansing, and sort of moisturise around it. 
And cheap! Can't remember exactly how much but less than ten bucks!

American Horror Story Season 2. Why? Because I'm insane, I like sleepless nights and scaring the shite out of myself. Not really, but the husband loves it and I can't look away. I find it really, really disturbingly scary. If you don't think so feel free to call me a sissy bag. 

Girls Season 2. My love for this show grows every episode. I watched the trailer(s) for season 2 39039393 times before it started I was so excited. Hannah drives me bananas but that's not to say I don't love watching her. My favourite exchange, in the ep where she takes coke for the first time (hilar):
Hannah: "You're a really good dancer."
Guy in club:  "So are you"
Hannah: "Thanks I know."

Only complaint this season is there is nowhere near enough Shoshana. B T dubs.

Perving on

January Jones at the SAG awards in Prabal Gurung. The ONLY look I had any remote interest in, she nails it. NAILS. That hair... 

Who didn't love a bit of Marian Keyes back in the day? I had no idea she'd released a new book (after suffering a bad case of depression, no less). I got this for Christmas and devoured it at first chance. 
I love her writing style, serious, actual LOLz. This book revolves around my favourite of the Walsh family, Helen. She has a 'Shovel List' for things that annoy her so much she wants to hit them in the face with a shovel. Don't think I haven't started one. 


  1. We just finished watching season two of AHS... I must say that this show is so twisted and crass at times. At times my BF and I would just look at each other with raised eye brows and exclaim WHO COMES UP WITH THIS SHIT!

    I have only just started watching Girls... that too is at times cringe worthy but I'm persisting because the characters look real and are not anorexic :)

    1. It's insane... I'm sort of past the scariness now and am rolling my eyes a lot!

      Stick with Girls, it really grew on me after the first few eps. The characters get a lot more likeable.

  2. I really didnt enjoy that book. Think Marian Keyes has lost her way....

    Have the new ep of Girls downloaded.

    1. I lent it to a friend when I finished and she didn't finish it. I think I'm just so glad to have her back at all!

  3. oohh I love marian keyes! I've read all her books a million times, they're like comfort food. mystery of mercy close wasn't as good as her others, but I still enjoyed reading it :)

    1. You've just inspired me to go reread the old ones. Perfect weather to start tonight!



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