Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: best beauty

This is the year I got into beauty more than ever before. As you do when you’re in your 30s and barely go out any more.
A friend did a make up course and I modelled for her (when I say modelled, I sat and had 5+ makeup looks applied each week) and it really got me thinking about putting more effort into my appearance. 
  1. Naked 2 palette 
I don’t need to sing the praises of this baby, do I? But honestly, it is even better than the reviews. I ummed and ahhed about getting a friend to get it for me from the US, but since I’ve rarely picked up another eye shadow.

2. Real techniques brushes
Dear Bobbi Brown and MAC brushes, I'm sorry I'm not sorry for neglecting you this year. Ever since these babies entered my life (courtesy of, DO NOT buy them from Priceline!) you have sat in your holder unused. They're that good. Special mention to the expert face brush. 

3. Model’s own blush. 
Purchased from ASOS. Cheap, great colour, fantastic payoff. Another product to make me lament the fact that Australia has so little excellent, cheap makeup brands.

3. Maybelline the Falsies
I’ve tried a few new mascaras this year (Cover Girl Lash Blast, max factor) but have not yet found ‘the one.’ Diorshow, my former holy grail, just doesn't work on my any more. The Falsies is as close as it’s gotten though

4. Revlon lip butter
A dream to apply and incredible colours. Only bought when they were 2-for-1 though.

5. Revlon just bitten
Same as above, plus they last really well. Love the minty scent they have.

  1. Modelco tan
I once used this super regularly, and went back to it this year for a couple of events. Colour lasts so well (better than some spray tans I’ve had) and a breeze to apply. My tip: wear rubber gloves until the last minute, take them off and rub the back of your hands together. No weird colour in between your fingers. If only it came with a shower cleaner for after application ://

7. Clarisonic
If you had asked me about 6 months ago about this there would be no end to the rave about it. Could it be possible it gets less effective the longer it’s used? I still love it, just use it less regularly. I don’t think it has had much impact on pimples, but the skin on my forehead, chin and cheeks is definitely smoother 

8. Garnier BB cream
I’d love $1 for every compliment I’ve had this year whilst wearing this. Glowy, natural skin with sun protection inbuilt? Done

9. MAC mineralize skin finish
Purchased in the US and totally forgotten about, I am so glad this came out of hiding. A little dust on top of cheekbones is all you need, I’ve worn this in the daytime and to big events alike.
Barely any features from MAC, Chanel, etc. You know, the brands that I should be in love with. For the most part, the just don’t sit well on me. Which I should probably be eternally grateful for given their price points.

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