Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beauty: November empties

Really not much to report this month. I have no idea why some months I have bins full of stuff and others barely finish anything. 

My linen cupboard is looking lovely and empty (compared to the start of the year) and I am planning a massive chuckathon over the Christmas break for whatever I haven't finished in my year of using things up, stay tuned!

Wipes- Biore and Yes! To Carrots
Biore ones were really thin and pretty useless. 
LOVED the YTC ones and will definitely repurchase. Am finally coming to the end of my wipes stash, only have a couple left. 

Rituelle Gardenia Body Cream
I bought this at a warehouse sale and don't like my chances of finding again, which is a huge shame. Gorgeous scent and feels lovely on. 
Butter London Nail Polosh
I'm pretty annoyed at the design of this bottle. There is plenty of product left, but the brush doesn't get low enough to get to it. I literally have to shake the bottle every time I dip it in. Frustrating, so out it goes. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summer 2013 essentials

After a not very cold winter and an all over the place spring, summer is here. 
I feel like I cheated the start of summer by having such amazing weather in Byron for three weeks, but the water is still a bit chilly where I live. 

I've decided to take advantage of working from home as much as I possibly can, while I can, so did today. I should take full advantage of where I live, and have a cheeky swim at that glorious window of time when it's super warm, but those summer north easterly wins haven't hit. Those winds are what separates the locals from the tourists, the tourists always seem so surprised when they hit! Clamouring for their towels, jumping on the hot sand to make a run for it. 

Here are the policy beep beeping their cute little jeep along the beach this afternoon. On a day like today, what a job! Apart form dealing with the people that is...
I consider myself a bit of a beach expert/ snob. I spend a lot of time there, sometimes three times a day in summer. Nothing better than a before work swim, an after work swim, and a cheeky one after dinner as the sun is setting and the beach is beautifully quiet. Here are my beach essentials:

Turkish towels
ZOMGGGGG how did I live without these? Thanks to my mate Gwyneth, who was selling them through her website at some ungodly rip off amount, I looked out for these when I was in Turkey and stocked up. Nowhere near enough, I should have bought those Turks out of them. The perfect beach towel, they're lightweight, big, dry you quickly, and don't get much sand stuck in them. Because god knows I have enough sand in my house at all times

Denim shorts
Not butt- bearing, no pockets hanging. These Lucky Denim ones are about 4 years old and have had it. I cannot for the life of me find any that are this great- dark denim, distressed with some fraying but not falling apart, flattering boyfriend style fit

YES! You need sunscreen! Nothing less attractive than roasted skin. I'm loving this Neutrogena Beach Defence, it is not very greasy and smells divine

This Helen Kaminski ones rules. I think it cost me $20 at a warehouse sale about 8 years ago. A straw visor is the perfect hat for me. Plenty of protection, but I can put my beach dreadlock hair in a topknot through it. I also have a fake panama I bought in Santorini that I pretend to be European in

Beach shirt
This one is from Sussan and it would be in my absolute must-have wardrobe pieces. I've had this one for years (common theme?) and it is probably the last summer this has in it. I tuck this into my shorts, or wear it to the beach alone because despite living one street from the beach, I don't want no one seeing my parts on the way

I'll leave you with some nice summery pics. Let's all quit work and sunbake all day. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beauty: October empties

This post took me a while because good ol' blogger decided it didn't want to upload photos. Not sure what I did to upset him (blogger is def a him) but it seems to be working now. 

I am flying through my stash, even organising it the other day. It was nice to stand back and admire being able to actually see the shelf in my linen cupboard. Then my Dad bought over a haul of goat's milk products he scored from a chemist customer but gave to me because he's not into 'that hippy shit.' 
At least I'm making progress. 

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub
LOVED this. I think it was a Priceline bag freebie, but I would purchase again. The citrus scent was zingy without being overpowering and the scrub felt like it made a difference

Kiehl's Creme De Corps
I bought this for my husband to use in winter, I loved the charity bottles. I of course snatched it when he wasn't using it. 100% my favourite body moisturiser

Hello blogger, thank you for not allowing me to rotate this photo

Bioderma Crealine H20
I am obviously the only person in the universe that doesn't love this. Expensive, eye stinging water is what I thought every time I used it. Not even great at removing eye makeup, and I'm sure there are plenty of women using truckloads more than me. Sorry French women/ makeup artists/ beauty bloggers, this is a big sucker product

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
Another Maybelline mascara to add to my fave list. Really soft lashes, the plush part is true. Not as long wearing as others though
Dove Summer Glow
See the ginormous bottle? Necessary for someone as pasty/ prone to paddle boarding bruises as myself, who mainlines this stuff as soon as the shorts come out. It seems to have much more of a smell than the old days but I cannot say a bad word about this stuff
Formula 10.0.6 Pore Clearing Scrub
Love these products. Gorgeous scent and skin feels super smooth after use

Madre Bees Lip Balm
A super cheap iherb purchase, great to have one of these in every bag/ glove box/ desk drawer
Biore Steam Activated Cleanser
Skin felt super clean after use (maybe too clean) but not sure if the steam activation is real or not

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Daily Calming Facial Lotion
Boring. Like all Palmers products I've tried. Wouldn't buy again

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New in: basics and more camo

I lost my shopping mojo there for a while. The constant culling- ebaying, dealing with cray cray ebayers, relisting, etc got to me and sure as hell worked for my desire to shop. I've never been a retail therapy-er or a mindless shopper, but I still had so much stuff. 
Simplifying my life in all sorts of ways, not in the least with my wardrobe, has been a big success in 2013. I am definitely now seeing gaps in my wardrobe, especially in workwear, and I actually need to shop.

Every year when I get my bonus I usually buy myself something decent as a treat for a year well done. This year I just didn't have the urge. I tossed up Rockstuds, the Balenciaga studded sandals... but just didn't pull the trigger.

Even with the gift card we got on top of our bonuses, I still have a balance on it that I haven't spent. Unheard of! 

MBMJ Nylon Tote
Why have I not bought one of these before? The perfect gym/ get the papers on the weekend/ lug my life to work bag with the perfect size/ pocket ratio. Yes, that's a thing. 
J Brand mid rise rail jeans
I tried these on when I bought my Nudies a few months back and I had a tough time deciding. When Shopbop had a 20% code I also got these (and the MBMJ bag). 
Neuw Sister Ray boyfriend jeans
I bought these in Bangalow at my favourite shop probably in the world, Our Corner Store. A chair also made its way home with us from here. These are the perfect casual, ripped jeans, without being indecent because the rips are patched.  
Saltwater Sandals 
These were from the same shop in Bangalow, I basically stole the whole look of the girl that worked there. These are by far the comfiest shoes I've ever owned, and I am loving pretending to be a six year old in them. Every second person had them in Byron, but as I suspected, they aren't too popular in Sydney. 
Nike leggings in camo and stripe
Because I don't have enough camo in my life. When these arrived I paraded around in them and my camo Roshes, just to get a reaction from my husband. It worked. Both with codes from Asos. And believe it or not, I actually want to exercise in them!
Roxy Longjohn wetstuit
My favourite purchase of all! I feel like a proper surfer/ stand up paddle boarder. Well, not really, but at least I feel like I look like one. Bonus points that I get to keep the skin on my knees despite falling off my paddle board 238928 times a session. YES!
Typing this all out it seems like a lot, but this is every purchase I've made since August. Every one I adore, so this mindfulness thing is working a treat!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Byron Bay: a dog lover's guide

If your life is as exciting as mine and revolves around your dog, you might be intersted in how dog friendly Byron Bay is. Buzzfeed recently read my mind about how I feel about Marcel, and they were dead right when they said dogs need R&R too. Marcel obviously leads a pretty stressful life. 
But seriously, it's so normal to me to take a dog on holiday, when they are a part of your family and you miss them enough not to go overseas for them, you want to make sure your trip with this is awesome.

Byron is definitely less dog friendly than it used to be, even since last year, and things have definitely changed since the first time I went there, oh, a thousand years ago. Gone are the days of dogs laying on the floor of the Rails in the dirt while their owners drank schooners and ate some of the best hot chips with aoili in the universe (me, the day I got engaged). The Beach Hotel is also now fully fenced and dogs aren't allowed inside the beer garden. They do hav ea doggie tie up station outside, but AS IF I would let Marcel out of my sight like that.

There are stacks of cafes with dog friendly outdoor seating. I felt like a sad enormous tourist the first morning we went to the Roadhouse and I asked if it was OK for Marcel to sit with us, and within 30 seconds 302345 local dogs turned up and sat there :///. Most of the cafes in town are puppy friendly outdoors and most adored Marcel, giving him lots of treats and water bowls. 

I found it super easy to find nice accomodation that's pet friendly through Stayz. We stayed in an awesome little place with a little courtyard, a two minunte walk to Johnson St. Lois the owner is super lovely, and when she came into town she met Marcel and loved him too.
We also stayed this time in a studio with a courtyard in Suffolk Park, and Fran the owner there was just as accomodating and lovely.

Byron has two huge dog friendly off leash beaches. Marcel was in holiday mode so much that we actually let him off leash most mornings in Suffolk Park on Tallows beach. Unheard of for our little pshychopath. Belongil beach is also off leash, but he outdid himself in town all the mornings we were there that we never needed to take him there this time around. 

I miss Byron. So does Marcel. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Byron Bay: the eating

Of course the first thing I post about my Byron holiday is food. Prepare your eyes and your tummies to enter jelly overload. Mine did writing this post and I was there. Sob. 

Although every second person seems to think I went to Byron to smoke the marijuana for three weeks (seriously), probably the number on activity we partook in was eating. The food in Byron get better every time I'm there, and that's coming off a high base. For a mostly vego who likes to be healthy but reeeeeallly likes hot chips, Byron is the eating destination of choice, bro. 
Add in markets, road trips and the Sample Food Festival in Bangalow and by golly gosh it was a great few weeks. 

Let's take a trip down gastronomical lane. Soz if you've seen my food spam on instagram (not really). 
Stop number one: breakfast at Top Shop. This place is still the bomb, but it has a lot of breakfast and lunch competition with some new players
 A raw plate from Naked Treaties. This was a non hot-chip day, obvs.

Capsicum quinoa salad at The Balcony. I'd had a not great experience here years ago, but Mr C wanted to give it a go and I'm glad we did
A ridiculously good breakfast plate from the Sicilian stall at the Byron Farmers Markets. These guys do all the markets in the area and are a must eat
Obligatory green juice at the Byron Farmers Markets. Health, glowing, etc.
Breakfast sushi roll at Mullumbimby Farmers Markets. This would be my pick of the food markets in the area, purely for the amount of different stuff I hadn't seen anywhere else. Eg- breakfast sushi! I got a serious supply of hemp seeds from here. 
I don't remember exactly what this was, I'd had about 67 happy hour cocktails. But it was Mexican and delicious from Miss Margarita. Because I don't eat enough Mexican at home.  

The Sample Food Festival was everything I wanted and more. I had anxiety from trying to work out what to eat. All the big restaurants and food outlets had stalls, and we were narrowing down where we could possibly eat in our three weeks. Stress!!!!

Potato breakfast goodness at The Dip. Even for bottomless pit me, this was too big. 

My new favourite (sorry Top Shop) was The Roadhouse. Awesome atmosphere, excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner (we did each, several times) and puppy friendly.  

I could go on and on and on and on about food up there but I am already depressed enough so the end. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


It could be the predicted hot wind and 39 degrees in Sydney today but god I am restless. Cannot sit still at work, concentration is shot. 
It probably isn’t though, this feeling has been building for some weeks now. at first I thought it was just post- holiday blues, but weeks back now and it’s not getting any better. Three weeks in Byron Bay, coupled with finally hitting my 10 year anniversary at work has done nothing for my motivation levels.

We’ve thought about buying a new place, moving somewhere new, but where to? I love where I live, am spoilt with a beautiful location and a home I adore, so it would take a lot to improve on that. I go through phases, whims where I think Darlinghurst is the place, then Potts Point is it. They fade pretty quickly, these whims.

Travel would be awesome, my feet are getting itchy. All that’s stopping me is Marcel. People laugh and roll their eyes, but I genuinely cannot imagine leaving him. No matter where or who with we leave him, that’s not the issue. I miss him when I’m at work, I don’t think I’d be enjoying myself too much in say South America if I was pining for my dog. Judge away, I probably deserve it.

My heart is not in it at work. At all. Everything seems too hard, people too frustrating to deal with. Again my problem (if that’s what I’d call it) is that I’m spoilt. I’m paid pretty well, have a work car, don’t work long hours, can work from home when I can, don’t have a boss in the same state to have any idea what I’m doing. So despite my heart being nowhere near in it, my motivation to do anything about it is lacking. And what to do? Where to go? What do I want to do? Something nagging in the back of my mind asks about the possibility of becoming pregnant, and what that would be like if I was somewhere new. Strange as I have no intention of doing that. Virgo brain in mega overdrive?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty: September empties

Very little to report here. Being away for 3 weeks in September, and my psycho need to take new stuff with me on holidays, meant I didn't finish much this month. 

L'Oreal Magique BB Cream
I usually avoid L'Oreal products at all costs with their naughty animal testing. This was given to me a while ago and I just got around to trying it. Waste not, want not. I used it on holidays and I used the whole tube while away- not very long lasting. 
The formula is really weird, going on a pale purple and 'adjusting' to your skin. There are much better, non evil BB creams out there. Wouldn't buy again. 

Napoleon Set Brightening Primer
I have no idea if the 'brightening' part works or not, I certainly didn't notice it. For a non prestige brand primer, I'd stick with FOA primer and not spend the extra $10 or so on this. 
Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
This was ok. Nothing special. Scent is very refreshing but just like any other face wash. 
That's it! Hopefully I'll have gotten through more of my stash in October. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recently 2.10.2013

I'm baaaack. Did you miss me? Don't fib. I can't blame holiday for my entire absence, I've been back from Byron for a few weeks, but since my place looks like a bomb/ building site, blogging has not exactly been top of mind. 

I'll do some Byron posts soon (you'll have to suffer through them, I could talk about beaches and whales and coffees and beers forever) but suffice to say we had an awesome time. As did Marcel. We went away because we were getting our floors and outdoor tiles done, and sadly (ha!) our builder called while we were away and said they'd be a few more days, so we extended the trip a bit. Horrific!
The renos are nearly done, it seriously barely looks like we've touched the place, but nice to know our issues are fixed and our floorboards look awesome. Mr C has some painting to do inside and out, but is waiting on his mate to install our new air con. That wasn't part of the plan, but when they took the old one out to do the tiling, the bottom completely fell out of it from rust. Joys of living close to the beach!
So now we have a nice shiny new unit, that's tiny compared to the old one. I just heard 'something something kilowatts' and 'something something inverter'. All I know is it looks good. Well, in the box on the lounge room floor anyway...
The builders were there for a few days before we went away. We left a note asking them to put Marcel in the spare room to get him out of the way. Our builders were awesome, but apparently they didn't follow instructions...

In the world's most exciting news, I bought a new blender! Specifically the Biochef. I ummed and ahhed about a Vitamix, and for me a decision like this is ma-jah and I get so indecisive. When we were in Byron we went to the showroom that sells these babies and I was so impressed. Heaps sturdier than a Vitamix, really simple to use and at $399 it was half the price. Sold! They wee out of stock and I was so antsy to have it delivered. My whole office knew what was going on by the time the box turned up. 
So far I've made many, many green smoothies, hummus, dips, salad dressings and I've only had it a week!

Parkway Drive
Their 10 year anniversary tour got me through my first week at work! They played the Roundhouse, which is not my favourite venue, and it was PACKED and so hot but my god I love them. I thought the crowd would be a bit crazier, full of die hard fans as it was a special tour, but it was pretty tame. Good for old lady me. We were most definitely, 100% the oldest females there!
I do love seeing people's reactions when I tell them if I go and see them. Hilare!
Elle magazine
Given I'm guilty of not buying many mags any more, I can't complain about the state of the print market. Yet I'm so glad Elle has launched in Oz. I love Justine Cullen and was thrilled when she was announced as editor. It's taken me ages to get through (a good thing) and all the mags I bought on holidays/ got delivered while I was away have been untouched. 
Marcel was not that impressed with Ninja the French Bulldog appearing in the accessories shoot though...

Got my hair did. Do you think I'll ever be able to say "got my hair done" like a non-black person again? Probably not. It was soooo overdue. I basically had dreadlocks after 3 weeks of Byron sun and sand. The grey/ mouse blonde regrowth should go unmentioned. 
Here I am on the train on the way to a rooftop BBQ in Potts Point, like an actual young person who goes out at night and socialises. Hashtag bored selfie. 

It was not that bad to be back at work. Obviously being a stay at home mother to Marcel is preferable, but I can't complain too much. Coming back at pay review and bonus time was a win (well, for me, not so much for 'manager' me as it meant a shiteload of admin work and long, long conversations). We also all got a pretty generous gift card for our financial results last year. It is seriously burning a whole in my wallet and I don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?
It was also my (gasp) 10 year anniversary, so I got some more gift card points, and my all-bloke team got me a bottle of Grey Goose. So yep, no complaints from me right now.


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