Sunday, October 21, 2012

Organisation. Productivity. Ruling.

This week I have been away on a work conference. Fantastic for my work self, not so great for my home self. Apart from missing Marcel like mental, I have had the longest 'to-do' list for ages, that never seems to get shorter. 
I've also been eating like a beast (conferences will do that to you) and done zero exercise except for a half-arsed run around The Rocks one morning. 

Despite being bone-achingly tired yesterday, I forced myself to get cracking with some stuff at home I've been putting off for ages. 
The fact that I was probably still tired from a massive Tuesday night drinks-dinner-drinks-karaoke-drinks-playing pokies and winning-get back to the hotel and my newspaper was already there is beside the point. 

I've had this overwhelming feeling of disorganisation and it had to go. 

Finally started getting through this pile of mags. My friend and I swap about every month, this is her pile only. I already gave her my unread pile knowing I wouldn't get around to reading them any time soon. Can't believe it took me so long to have a proper perve at Lana Del Ray's Vogue shoot. Swoon. 

I gave my most- worn silver jewellery a good clean. After stumbling upon this post about cleaning silver jewellery on A Shoe Affair's blog, I gave it a go and was beyond impressed with the results.  I wish I had taken some 'before photos' because them babies were filthy!

All laid out after their bicarb-foil bath.

My three fave Karen Walker necklaces. The skull's eyes were black before!

Karen Walker owl ring (this could probably go another round, but it's drastically cleaner), a 'friendship ring' (so Puberty Blues!) my Dad gave to my Mum in the 70s when they were dating, KW skull ring

You can actually read the 'Tiffany & Co' on my small bead bracelet!

One super-nerdy thing I've been meaning to do for ages is to make a list of all the toiletries I had thrown in my linen cupboard. I tend to buy things when I see them on special at Priceline, etc, but I always forget what I have at home and so inevitably end up with 35 soaps and no toothpaste. No longer. I made a list of everything I have and will cross it off as it gets used.

Organised toiletries. Can you feel the calm?

Next stop is to itemise everything in my wardrobe so I know exactly what I have. Ever been trying something on and you get struck with the feeling you have something just like it, but can't out your finger on it? I've already done a massive cull (to go with my regular mini-culls) so this shouldn't be too hard. Next weekend! Today I'm going to steam the ever-growing pile of silk shirts that are hanging in my wardrobe. I go weeks wearing half my wardrobe because I'm too lazy to steam. 

Bonus shot of Marcel, just because. He likes to really get to know his bones before he eats them.

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