Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Byron Bay- the shopping

Byron Bay. My birthday week. Lots of free time. You'd think this would be a recipe for a shop-athon, amiright? Wrong. Byron has lost its shopping mojo for me. There's a Supre. A Sportsgirl. A Witchery. Not that I have anything against those stores (far from it) but I don't want to shop in them in Byron Bay. I want boutiques. Quirky, cute stuff I can't see in Sydney. Such is the ways of the world though. Kinda like being in Rome, looking around, and thinking for a split second you could be in London because the shops are so the same.

Bangalow is where it's at for me. Gorgeous shops with really cool stuff, new brands, local designers. Lovely staff who probably don't see a constant stream of backpackers who generally don't buy much.

The standout was My Corner Store. For a tiny little shop we were here for ages. Mr C bought basically a whole wardrobe (poor him, he's lost so much weight none of his clothes fit him!) Including a few things from local brand Salty's. Great, comfy, reasonably priced mens casual surfwear. Minus the logos and attitude. Gorgeous home wares, gifts and so much stuff I could have taken home. Including a chair. Which would not have fit in my Prius without leaving Marcel behind.

The Corner Store. Love. 

Island Luxe has stores in Byron and Bangalow. The Banglow one is so much more my style. Both full of super-glam leathers, cashmeres and delicious smells, they are a haven from the hustle outside, so much so you kind of forget where you are. Fantastic selection of Bassike and J Brand. I tried on a pair of J Brand leather pants but it was hot and I was too flustered to concentrate, kicking myself now. 

Black and white Bassike tshirt from Island Luxe, Bangalow. I tried on an XL, then an L, then bought a medium, and it's still oversized. Anyone else find Bassike sizing all over the shop?

Birthday treat to myself. A gold friend to live with all my other KW stuff. I feel the purchase of one gold piece has put me on a very slippery slope. 

Orig T&C tie dye tshirt form the Bangalow church op shop. Husband stoked. 

Barebones Art Space, Banglaow. Can someone buy me the zebra? Ta. 

 The Retro Shop. I wanted to buy a signed Nirvana photo. But didn't. 

 Heath's Old Wares. Super overpriced but great for a squiz. 


  1. Oh I love Bangalow shopping so much!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane into my favourite stores x

  2. what cool shops! I have that bassike tee, in a medium as well and it's giant on me. v. weird sizing x

  3. I love Byron - must do another trip there



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