Thursday, October 4, 2012

Byron Bay- the food

If you've been to Byron Bay recently you'll know that the food there is simply amazing. It has come leaps and bounds from my trips there as a teenager when you'd struggle to get a decent cup of coffee or anything that wasn't pub food. 

It is so easy to eat healthily in Byron, whether you're sugar-free, dairy-free, vego, vegan or anything in between. We ate super healthy but ate a lot. A LOT. 

On our first morning we visited the Byron Bay farmers Markets. After getting up at the crack of dawn with Marcel of course, and realising that not a lot of places do early morning coffee. No matter, the food at the markets was worth the wait. 

This was our breakfast from one of the hot food stalls. At the bottom is a potato frittatta and a dandelion crepe. At the top is Poached eggs in a minty broth- divine! The stall was so Byron, the lady in front of me had exactly $6.20 and wanted to know what she could get for that, they were more than happy to (generously) help her out.

The Conscious Cafe was on our must list. 
The Conscious Café is  one of only two of Byron’s Bays 100% certified organic café. It is gluten free, dairy free, processed soy free, genetically modified food free, Teflon cookware free, canola oil free & everything is cooked in organic coconut oil- & a whole lotta love goes into the food!
We are there three times in a week. Including to take Mr B's huge-meat-eater uncle there for lunch (he loved it!) I still didn't get to try everything I wanted to. You must go there, the atmosphere is so chilled and you would never know you're basically sitting in the Woolies carpark. 

The menu
The Awakening
Activated buckwheat, millet & chia seed open crepe w/ seasonal salad, roasted & spiced sunflower seeds, tahini turmeric dressing, homemade hommos, pesto & almond turmeric nut butter $14.50

Naked Treaties is a newish shop in Johnson St selling smoothies, juices, raw cakes and other delish stuff. Word of warning, it is LOUD in there. The acoustics are terrible but the staff are just so happy and helpful it doesn't matter. 
Chocolate beetroot mudcake (better than it sounds, I promise!) and a lemon tart
A macadamia ball and an orange and chia seed cupcake

The liquid menu

The Topshop. I don't know where to start with this place. Firstly, THANK YOU to the owners for being open so early. When you have a French Bulldog who thinks 5:30am is an acceptable wakeup time, holiday or no holiday, you need a coffee shop open early. Great, great, great coffee. Dog friendly. Seats in the sun on chilly early Spring mornings. What more could you ask for? My only criticism is that there is no difference between take away or eat in, you get disposable plates and country no matter what. Seems like such a waste! You could see locals bringing their own cups and plates which I definitely would be doing as well. 

Field mushrooms and avocado on corn bread
Goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil on sourdough. 

After having both of these dishes I couldn't decide my favourite, so I combined them and had the goats cheese and tomatoes on corn bread. Win! Mr B ate all manner of porridges, acai bowls, granolas, which he is going to recreate at home. Me, I like some substance to my brekky. Now I'm thinking about corn bread. 

For my birthday dinner we went to the Italian at the Pacific. Fantastic service, great vibe and the food... duck arancini balls anyone? No photos from here because I was too busy being romantical with Mr B and deciding which cocktail to have next. Have the negroni. I did. 

Other places that get three thumbs up:

  • Fishmonger's. I am not a fish and chip fan but I am here. 
  • Asia Joe's for great noodles, stir fries and big, fresh salads (when you've had too much of a good Byron thing) 
  • Santos Health Food for more great smoothies and treats
  • The Pass Cafe for a top burger on your way home from the lighthouse walk 

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  1. There are 5-6 very good food joints. The food at Osushi is simply superb



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