Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let me tell you about my trip to Byron Bay

I love Byron Bay. I know everyone loves Byron Bay but I really love Byron Bay. ‘Me too,’ I’m sure you’re saying.

The reactions I get from people when I tell them I’m going there crack me up. Everything from ‘ooh you’ve got too much money’ to ‘are you going to go and smoke pot and live like a hippy? (snigger snigger).’ But Byron Bay (like a lot of places I love to visit) are what you make of them. I love that you’re surrounded by all walks of life. Seriously, stupidly rich people either flashing their wealth around or going about their business in their faded gear so you’d never have a clue what they are worth. But there are also lots of people living simple, awesome lives. I relax there. Really, relax. Which I don't do easily.

I do not, repeat, do not, plan spontaneous trips. Well spontaneous anything these days. But the chance came up to have a week away in between my crazy work schedule and I jumped at the change. It also happened to coincide with my birthday, so why not? I jumped online and looked for pet-friendly accommodation and can’t believe how easy it was to find a really cool place for really cheap.

Anyway, this post I’ll talk about what we got up to up there. Lots of eating, lazing around, enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxing. I love big, adventurous overseas holidays as much as the next person but it was so lovely to have a holiday with no deadlines, no transport logistics to figure out, no searching for hotels on street names not in English. It’s been too long. We basically planned our days around what markets were on and what we felt like eating that day (a lot). Marcel also came with us so that was… interesting. He was a bit funny being in a weird place but soon settled in and loved lounging around as much as I did. It was a very different holiday to trips I've done in the past, which have all been massive group holidays for partying or for Splendour. I saw a lot more of the mornings this trip! 

Byron farmers market (every Thursday, Butler St reserve 7am- 11am)
Bangalow farmers market (every Saturday - 7-11am Behind Bangalow Hotel)
The stalls at these markets are usually the same suppliers as the Thursday Byron markets, so skip this if you have been to these. Bangalow is just the most beautiful town, like a postcard. Fantastic shopping and food there and one of my favourite op shops in Australia. 
Uki village markets

This town is a-dor-able. Loved it. Tiny, one adorable cafe in a federation building with a big verandah to sip tea on, a little school, mountains everywhere you look around you. Mr B ran up Mount Warning before dawn one morning (he's insane) and took the most breathtaking shots from above the clouds. Above the clouds, people. 
Uki has really great little markets, in that you will definitely see things you haven't seen before. We bought a lot of soap and some beeswax cleaner/ moisturiser/ protector/ everything-er. Some very colourful characters as well. 

On the morning of my birthday we walked up to the lighthouse. On all my trips to Byron Bay I've never done this, I've driven up there but never done the amazing walk. It's about 3kms from the main beach near town, lots of steps but not that challenging. We stopped a lot on the way to see the WHALES and DOLPHINS that were right there. I seriously got all teary watching them. Is there any other birthday present? Nope. 

I'll do another post on food. And probably another on shopping. Because, why not?


  1. Thanks for the market tips, I'm going up to Byron for a long weekend next week and am super excited! I'm looking forward to reading your food and shopping posts too, after all what are holidays for if not for eating, drinking and shopping?
    How was Marcel in the car for the trip up and back? My dogs would be pains in the behind in the car for that long, whining and carrying on.

  2. Marcel was fine! He goes a bit funny in the car and can't relax normally, huffs and puffs, struts around, but this trip was so long he had to give in and sleep! Since then we've taken him to the vet and he sat down straight away so it's been really good for him.
    Jealous, I want to go back!



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