Monday, January 16, 2012

Weddings, farewells, anything

What a weekend! So action packed I'm tired just thinking about it. So much good food and great company.

Saturday I went to First Drop in Redfern/ Waterloo/ West Surry Hills for brunch to farewell Magda. Sad face. Marcel went mental with all the attention. It's so strange not knowing when you'll see someone again. When she moved to Europe we knew she was back now for the wedding so this is like the 'real' goodbye.

Saturday afternoon we risked crossing the Harbour by tunnel with the closures to the bridge and had way less traffic than normal. Win. Kim's wedding was stunning. St Clements in Mosman was the perfect church for their day, just love me an old church. The reception was at the lovely Public Dining Room, which kinda makes me feel like I'm on holidays.

Yesterday Mr C and I spent the day together, going to properly check out a newish wine bar that has opened near us.
According to the many rave reviews, people are apparently coming from all over for it so we thought we had better check it out for more than a glass of wine. I had duck ragu gnocchi, he had ocean trout and we shared a cheese platter. The cheese platter was the stand out for me (no shock there). The (Italian) chef explained the cheeses (in Italian) so whilst I picked up a 'Puglia' here and an 'in caves' there I best go back to make proper notes about the cheeses.

We also saw the Descendants. I am not ashamed to admit I am now fully aboard the George Clooney train. He's ridiculously good. I sincerely hope the Hawaiian tourism board paid the producers because we are now sold on a trip back there.
I usually hate films with rave reviews because I'm inevitably disappointed, but I'd avoided reading anything about it. It surely lives up to the hype though.

Ocean trout carpaccio

Cheese platter before

Cheese platter after
Barramundi with macadamia salsa at the Public Dining Room

J Brand Houlihans, Bassike singlet, Sass & Bide vest, Bali leather sandals


  1. haha what the hell -do you have the shakes dear?

    my bf loves that darn cave cheese..i'm not a fan.
    where is marcel?!?! i come here to see marcel. hahaha kidding..kind of :P

    1. ha I have no idea, they were ok when I uploaded them. shakes from too much cheese!

  2. This sounds like loads of fun and I am in fact hungry now! I've really wanted to go and see the Descendants so I'm really now sold as your review plus some of the other ones I have read seems to be really positive. I MUST see this movie. Oh I never left the George Clooney train, I have one of those travel cards for unlimited travel on it lol!




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