Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Net-a-porter sale (a delayed reaction)

While I was purchasing a birthday present from a friend (a surprise! Can't show you!) I went a-browsing for myself. Gotta make that shipping cheaper somehow amiright?

The leopard K Jacques sandals I had in my cart sold out about 2 seconds before I went to buy them. This baby is on its way to me instead:
Marc by Marc Jacobs silk dress
No sooner had I got the dispatch email had net-a-porter sent a 'further reductions' email. HASTILY (an understatement) I went to see how much of a saving I had missed but luckily it was sold out. PHEW to the max.

So now I want this Lover dress:

However at 70 pounds for the dress and 20 for shipping it seems a bit askew, non?
On a side note, how ridiculous is it that this (Australian label) dress is just barely on sale in DJs but it's basically free on NAP? Mega ridiculous is how much. 


  1. I love that dress! I've never really liked aztec prints, but lately I've been quite drawn to them! x

  2. That Mark Jacobs is seriously stunning.

  3. I agree 20 pounds shipping for one 70 pound dress is a bit much... so I always try to get bang for buck when buying from NAP I wait for the sales but then also buy something I have been lusting after that this still full price.



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