Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and a new year

It's 2012. Oh em effing gee.
I've just downloaded the new blogger app, fingers crossed I'll be able to update more without wanting to slit my wrists with blogger pain.

We had a fantastic Christmas, mine and mr B's 'no presents' deal didn't go both ways as you can see, Marcel got the blame.

Marcel had his first Christmas photo.

We spent the night before NYE In Camden at my dear friend Jackie's wedding. The venue and the company were the best. I still have a sore tummy from the speeches. The (Canadian) best men wowed with a speech peppered with AC/DC lyrics (and air guitars) and my lovely Magda's speech expressed our disappointment when we discovered our friend was dating a Canadian that did not go to Degrassi High, but how he made up for it by holding his own when hanging out with Rob Zombie and Slayer. As far as wedding speeches go they were ridiculously good.

NYE started with some sore heads (and feet!) so last night was very quiet around here. We got to wake up when pretty much everyone else seemed to be still asleep and walk Marcel on this amazing day. I'm so glad because the beach was soon PACKED.

2011 was the best yet for me. Happy new year, here's hoping 2012 brings you everything you could hope for and more.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! So jealous that you live near a beach!

  2. I downloaded the Iphone App too - not sure how I feel about it tho?? Fingers crossed its good haha im still learning to navigate my way around it!

    Cute photos :)



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