Saturday, January 28, 2012

2011- the year that was

So it's almost February, thought I'd better get some sort of resolution business happening. No one can accuse me of blindly rushing into things willy nilly. 

This was what I rambled last year. Let's see how I did. 

  • exercise more. I am not playing netball any more because of my knee and I can really feel the difference. I want to run! Boring I know, but I'm not even really concerned about my weight. I want to feel better and feel like I did when I was exercising with Nicole (my old PT) and motivated to do more myself
    • Finish the 'Couch to 5k' running plan. Using this podcast from Spod I want to get through the whole 9 weeks. Last time I got to week 5 before my knee bunged it, so I will take it easier at the start this time
    • Do a yoga class weekly. Flexibility! Mix in some Bikram with this outside of the gym 
Totes completely failed at all things exercise related. I blame Marcel. Seriously. We walk to the coffee shop and back every day and with Mr CB to 'check the surf' when he gets home form work, but that's it. Who wants to go to them gym when there is a French Bulldog puppy to play with? NOT ME! Have learnt my lesson and will rectify, I promise. 

  • eat better. As above, boring! We majorly overindulged in the weeks up to Christmas and boy can I feel it!
    • make food at home, eat out less
    • be organised and shop for what we need
    • meal plan
Nailed this one. The thing Mr CB fight most about is who is cooking. As in, we both want to. 
I've been green smoothie-ing like mad. We've massively cut down our meat intake. Sugar is no longer our friend. 
  • finish my Diploma finally! I have my last exam coming up in about 6 weeks and I just want to pass the thing to get it over and done with. Actually, I would like a Credit, minimum. Better get reading!
So done. Can't remember my mark but it was pretty good and ohmygod who cares, it's finished and I don't have to deal with those nongs at the Institute any more. Surely a different kind of institute that what they are supposedly teaching.  
  • invest more in the sharemarket. My portfolio has been waaaay down, GFC stlyez, but things are really great at the moment. 
    • read more and learn more
    • keep the profits in my account and grow, grow, grow them
Not bad. Obvs we're not talking the returns of old but we're doing ok.  
  • buy another investment property. I really don't now how achievable this one is in 2011 but at the very least I want to start working towards it
Nope. But we are just not sure what we want to do. No point rushing.  
  • get my Bronze Medallion. Again, not sure if this will happen but work towards it at least
  • complete the City 2 Surf. I thought 2010 would be the year but my knee stopped all that. I will keep up the physio and see what I can do
Nope and nope. Marcel can again take the blame.  
  • see more movies, especially at the Dendy
Nup. Thanks to 
a) downloading and 
b) wanting to stay home with Marcel more than anything else in the universe 
  • do more crosswords and work on not forgetting words!
OK. Could do better.  
  • lastly but definitely not least, invest in my marriage. Things are amazing with Mr CB and I. We are beyond lucky to have each other. We love coming home to each other. We are each others best friend. I want to keep it all that way. 
Most importantly, done and done. Mr CB ad I are in a really good place. We can thank Marcel for that because we both want nothing more than to be with him (and each other) all the time. Thanks puppy. 

Looking at that list it doesn't seem like I achieved a whole lot in 2011. Everyone I speak to feels very 'blah' about it. I thought 2011 was rad though. Lots of good stuff happened to me, mainly:

  • Marcel. Obviously.  He has changed my life so much and even with my massively dreamy delusions of what having a dog would be like I was not disappointed
  • we went back to Europe. Six weeks in Greece, Turkey and London was not a bad holiday. It also served to remind us how great things are at home
  • I got my SCUBA license. Such a feeling of achievement. Even if I never do it again (likely) I am pretty proud of myself for getting it done. And getting the actual license from the morons we dealt with
  • we bought a lounge. Seriously this was a way bigger deal than you'd think. Our awesome 70s modular couch we'd had for five years was a hard act to follow and we looked FOREVER to find what we wanted. Just looking at it makes me smile
I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want out of 2012. Again, no rush. LOLz. I can tell it's going to be a goodun already. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weddings, farewells, anything

What a weekend! So action packed I'm tired just thinking about it. So much good food and great company.

Saturday I went to First Drop in Redfern/ Waterloo/ West Surry Hills for brunch to farewell Magda. Sad face. Marcel went mental with all the attention. It's so strange not knowing when you'll see someone again. When she moved to Europe we knew she was back now for the wedding so this is like the 'real' goodbye.

Saturday afternoon we risked crossing the Harbour by tunnel with the closures to the bridge and had way less traffic than normal. Win. Kim's wedding was stunning. St Clements in Mosman was the perfect church for their day, just love me an old church. The reception was at the lovely Public Dining Room, which kinda makes me feel like I'm on holidays.

Yesterday Mr C and I spent the day together, going to properly check out a newish wine bar that has opened near us.
According to the many rave reviews, people are apparently coming from all over for it so we thought we had better check it out for more than a glass of wine. I had duck ragu gnocchi, he had ocean trout and we shared a cheese platter. The cheese platter was the stand out for me (no shock there). The (Italian) chef explained the cheeses (in Italian) so whilst I picked up a 'Puglia' here and an 'in caves' there I best go back to make proper notes about the cheeses.

We also saw the Descendants. I am not ashamed to admit I am now fully aboard the George Clooney train. He's ridiculously good. I sincerely hope the Hawaiian tourism board paid the producers because we are now sold on a trip back there.
I usually hate films with rave reviews because I'm inevitably disappointed, but I'd avoided reading anything about it. It surely lives up to the hype though.

Ocean trout carpaccio

Cheese platter before

Cheese platter after
Barramundi with macadamia salsa at the Public Dining Room

J Brand Houlihans, Bassike singlet, Sass & Bide vest, Bali leather sandals

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was late on the Ulta3 bandwagon but boy am I on it now. Nail polish for me lasts two days, tops, before chipping. Not these babies. I have bought a lot  in the past few months. 

Today I stumbled on a 4-for-$5 deal at Terry White chemist. I'm guessing they're all old stock but no matter to behind-the-times me. 

L-R Base Coat, Allure, Fruit Tingle, Tahiti, Fire, Sizzling Red, Mulberry, Confetti

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Net-a-porter sale (a delayed reaction)

While I was purchasing a birthday present from a friend (a surprise! Can't show you!) I went a-browsing for myself. Gotta make that shipping cheaper somehow amiright?

The leopard K Jacques sandals I had in my cart sold out about 2 seconds before I went to buy them. This baby is on its way to me instead:
Marc by Marc Jacobs silk dress
No sooner had I got the dispatch email had net-a-porter sent a 'further reductions' email. HASTILY (an understatement) I went to see how much of a saving I had missed but luckily it was sold out. PHEW to the max.

So now I want this Lover dress:

However at 70 pounds for the dress and 20 for shipping it seems a bit askew, non?
On a side note, how ridiculous is it that this (Australian label) dress is just barely on sale in DJs but it's basically free on NAP? Mega ridiculous is how much. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The past week has been lazy wherever possible. My little corner of the world is normally dead quiet at this time of year but I think the dreadful weather then sudden onslaught of sunshine had everyone running for the beach.

Around the traps lately:
- we got a new lounge. Finally. It's a Hans Olsen from Angelucci's in Melbourne and it was love at first sight
- the party of drinking daily and cheese at every opportunity is over. Green smoothies, welcome back
- a pomegranate! Our plant has a pomegranate!
- colour cards for the outdoor setting I'm painting. I went with 'Leap Frog,' the closest to 'grass' green I could find
- a rare moment of quiet near sitting in our friend's front yard in the scorching heat
- a colour- coded book shelf. A proud Virgo right here

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas and a new year

It's 2012. Oh em effing gee.
I've just downloaded the new blogger app, fingers crossed I'll be able to update more without wanting to slit my wrists with blogger pain.

We had a fantastic Christmas, mine and mr B's 'no presents' deal didn't go both ways as you can see, Marcel got the blame.

Marcel had his first Christmas photo.

We spent the night before NYE In Camden at my dear friend Jackie's wedding. The venue and the company were the best. I still have a sore tummy from the speeches. The (Canadian) best men wowed with a speech peppered with AC/DC lyrics (and air guitars) and my lovely Magda's speech expressed our disappointment when we discovered our friend was dating a Canadian that did not go to Degrassi High, but how he made up for it by holding his own when hanging out with Rob Zombie and Slayer. As far as wedding speeches go they were ridiculously good.

NYE started with some sore heads (and feet!) so last night was very quiet around here. We got to wake up when pretty much everyone else seemed to be still asleep and walk Marcel on this amazing day. I'm so glad because the beach was soon PACKED.

2011 was the best yet for me. Happy new year, here's hoping 2012 brings you everything you could hope for and more.


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