Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blogger is failing me

So I've been lazy. But the blame does not lie solely with me. For Blogger is not letting me upload my photos in all their dodgy, iphone glory. 

Sometimes they work, sometimes no cheese. WHY? I have google-ized the answer and tried all the suggestions but nothing. This is what I'm dealing with:

Lines through the piccies, colours wrong etc. WHY? Around the time of my birthday (waaaay back in September) it started happening and I thought it might sort itself out by now but alas not. I thought I'd give the new blogger layout a chance. I got the below two photos up but the rest look like rubbish. What to do?

Anyhoo, I will try and make the below two photos somewhat interesting. But I'm kinda over it. 
I took Mr CB to the Outpost at Cockatoo Island. It was such a great day out. Even romantical some might say. Probably not me. If you are a visitor to Sydney you must go and if you live here go play tourist for a day. And drink some cocktails at the Island Bar. I'd show you some photos of me doing just that but, well, you know. 

Kid Zoom Haunted House

Soy sauce metal thing. This is way bigger than it looks and swings around.


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