Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm back!

The party's over. I am back in Sydney. Marcel has been collected, kissed and hugged to within and inch of his life, dragged away from his new BFF Oscar and his Nan who hand feeds him crumpets with honey. 

I miss:
- frappes
- 35 degrees every. single. day. 
- 10am ouzos
- rooftop hotel pools
- rooftop cocktails
- 2 breakfasts, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, after dinner snacks 
- swimming every day
- souvlaki
- massages

However I am so glad to be home. Me, Marcel and Mr CB live in a pretty rad part of the world. Coming home to my life was a great feeling. I even (gasp) miss work a bit. More on that and job offers while away later...

Here are some highlights of my gazillion pics:
at the Acropolis
at our Athens hotel rooftop bar with a cocktail. Don't ask what it was, I tried about 50 
on a boat to the Santorini volcano
sunset in Oia

our hotel in Firostefani, Santorini

Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyf's yacht moored off our beach in Mykonons

Topkapi palace, Istanbul

hot air ballooning in Cappodoccia. Hello 4am
pretending-to-be-a-Russian pose in Pamukkale


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