Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greece tomorrow!

I'm finding it hard to get excited. I know I sound like a mega-ungrateful brat, but seriously, I miss Marcel so much it hurts. Already. We only got back from mum's this afternoon and I had a tear in my eye the whole way home. That's after the buckets I cried leaving and for the first 100kms.

I know he's going to be fine and have the BEST time with mum's golden retriever (and her I guess- ha!) but I MISS HIM. And he's a little city boy, I don't know if he's cut out for the country life.
The house is empty and so quiet. It's weird to type this and not have him nibbling on my toes. What did I ever do without him?

Anyway, we're all packed and ready to go. I am looking forward to the warm weather. It was minus three most of the way down yesterday. You get that when you leave home at 3am.

Here are a million gratuitous pictures of Marcel. Just because.

 Meeting Oscar for the first time

How vicious does he look?

Playing dress ups at Mum's shop


  1. Marcel is one cute frenchie thats for sure...
    what breeder did you get him from?

  2. Nawwww I feel the same when we go away and leave our kitties
    Marcel will be just fine - you can buy him a souvenir! D: Have a fantastic holiday! xx

  3. cuuute!!! one of my retrievers is called oscar too!! :D where in greece are you? i leave in two weeks!! x

  4. we got him from a breeder in Loftus, Sydney called Emorette. Apart from having gorgeous dogs she treats her puppies like her babies.

    Thanks Cate xx

    Oscar is such a good name for a retriever! My mum's Oscar is the biggest princess, Marcel took him down in every wrestle they had.



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