Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A faux hens, sunshine and desserts

It's Thursday morning and I am only just getting over the weekend. With work being so insane-o, time is flying. Less than 3 weeks til Greece!

Our amazing local coffee shop put on a dinner for us for Olgs' 'hens'. Plan was to have a lovely dinner and drink lots of champers. That happened, but the night ended like most other hens. There were penis straws. Good times.


Almond syrup cake with vanilla cream and PERSIAN FAIRY FLOSS. I am still thinking about it. 

Sunday night Mr CB and I went out for dins courtesy of my work. My boss told me to go ages ago, I almost forgot and realised in a panic it was almost June 30 and you know how expenses work...
Marcel was not too impressed about posing before we left. 
Dress: Country Road, Jacket: Topshop

Drunken dark photo taking of orange blossom donuts with champagne jelly. Why I ordered this God only knows, as the word 'champagne' was still turning my tum tum

Coffee, sunshine, dolphin watching and French Bulldog licks is a pretty good hangover cure


  1. Oh your dog is adorable! You know a night is a good night when it ends in penis straws x

  2. there is another french bulldog called marcel!
    he lives at ici et la in slurry.
    his eyes are ever so googly!
    marcel has 10 or so years to go before he can be quite that...distinguished.



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