Monday, June 6, 2011

Eats lately (and why I won't be wearing a gold bikini when I dance on the podiums in Mykonos)


Mr CB had an op on his ear last week, so we have been laying pretty low and being comfy at home. He loves cooking, and gets bored very easily, so we have been eating. A lot. 
Homemade bircher muesli with fresh figs
Potato and leek soup with cheesy sourdough toasts

Sour dough with heirloom tomatoes and homegrown basil

Yesterday we headed to Cafe Sopra in Waterloo for lunch. Divine. I like the Italian here better than I did in Italy. We shared lots but I really didn't want to give away any of mine. 
The highlight of the meal was Billy getting really excited and practically throwing a glass of red wine over me and my camel coloured shirt.

Bucatini with meatballs
Quince tart with vanilla bean ice cream. ZOMG this was so so so ridiculous. Mr CB had a pannacotta with candied mandarins. Neither of us shared. 

Marcel says 'hi'! It's cold outside, but as you can tell I think he would rather freeze to death than wear his new sheepskin coat. Not impressed!


  1. Gaaaahh cuteness overload!!! Marcel, the coat looks adorable!
    Food looks amazing, I've never been to Cafe Sopra, but I want to now xx

  2. Your dog is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! haha i love how dogs can have such awesome expressions on their faces. x

  3. The mascara is ok... I prefer Masterpiece by Maxfactor, its the best one ive used so far. I'm forever searching for a mascara that will give me long luscious eyelashes haha



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