Thursday, June 30, 2011

$5 mushroom cushions & khaki

Can you imagine the squee I had to hold in when I saw these babies? $5. Mushroom cushions. Need I say more? My manager is on paternity leave atm so I was in the office all day yesterday (the joys of being a boss). I succumbed pretty quick to the office trap of buying things at Westfields in your lunch break you don't really need. 
But it's a mushroom! And a cushion!
My friend from work scored the last sausage dog cushions that were squished down the back of the shop. I was jealous for about a second until I realised Marcel might be jelly. 

Seriously khaki is taking over my wardrobe. I have bought so few winter clothes. $29 on sale form Sportsgirl. Shocking pic but it's a really cute knit. 

$29 noise cancelling headphones from Officeworks. I tossed up the idea of getting 'proper' spensive ones but realised it was a bit of  waste. These babies will do me fine on the plane(s!).

Wow these buys sure make me look tight. 

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