Thursday, June 30, 2011

$5 mushroom cushions & khaki

Can you imagine the squee I had to hold in when I saw these babies? $5. Mushroom cushions. Need I say more? My manager is on paternity leave atm so I was in the office all day yesterday (the joys of being a boss). I succumbed pretty quick to the office trap of buying things at Westfields in your lunch break you don't really need. 
But it's a mushroom! And a cushion!
My friend from work scored the last sausage dog cushions that were squished down the back of the shop. I was jealous for about a second until I realised Marcel might be jelly. 

Seriously khaki is taking over my wardrobe. I have bought so few winter clothes. $29 on sale form Sportsgirl. Shocking pic but it's a really cute knit. 

$29 noise cancelling headphones from Officeworks. I tossed up the idea of getting 'proper' spensive ones but realised it was a bit of  waste. These babies will do me fine on the plane(s!).

Wow these buys sure make me look tight. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A faux hens, sunshine and desserts

It's Thursday morning and I am only just getting over the weekend. With work being so insane-o, time is flying. Less than 3 weeks til Greece!

Our amazing local coffee shop put on a dinner for us for Olgs' 'hens'. Plan was to have a lovely dinner and drink lots of champers. That happened, but the night ended like most other hens. There were penis straws. Good times.


Almond syrup cake with vanilla cream and PERSIAN FAIRY FLOSS. I am still thinking about it. 

Sunday night Mr CB and I went out for dins courtesy of my work. My boss told me to go ages ago, I almost forgot and realised in a panic it was almost June 30 and you know how expenses work...
Marcel was not too impressed about posing before we left. 
Dress: Country Road, Jacket: Topshop

Drunken dark photo taking of orange blossom donuts with champagne jelly. Why I ordered this God only knows, as the word 'champagne' was still turning my tum tum

Coffee, sunshine, dolphin watching and French Bulldog licks is a pretty good hangover cure

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ratcat, SCUBA, buys

I've been a bad blogger. End of fin year, weekends being taken up with extreme adventurous activity and staring at Marcel have me spent!

You haven't missed much, I'm afraid I've been rather boring of late. 

Here's what I've been up to:

Seeing Ratcat on Saturday night. Safe to say Simon Day is still a mega-dish and I would have his babies. It was such a fun gig, even though I wasn't into them when Blind Love went mega (I was 11!) I felt 15 again. I am pretty sure I was the youngest person there and everyone was so polite and friendly. Some girl accosted me in the toilets telling me she'd been looking at my pants all night (!) and where did I get them from. When I told her they were Sass & Bide rats she just looked really confused. 

They sound amazing, except for their last song, a cover of I Think We're Alone Now which the singer from the cover band came on stage for. She was TERRIBLE and not just because she was dancing all over Simon. Totally out of time and just too into herself to care that the audience were not there for her!  Mr CB put it more bluntly than I ever could by saying she is everything he hates about the Inner West. Harsh but fair.  Refreshing that they refused to do an encore, just said they needed a break because they were old and would be back in a minute! I've seen so many bands doing 'comebacks' or 'reunions' lately but these guys were clearly there for the love of it. Not money hungry, no band bust-ups, no drug problems. 
Red lips for Simon. They were actually really red in real life. 

On the weekend Mags and I FINALLY finished out SCUBA course. It was freezing, some of the people were so annoying and did not listen to anything, we didn't see any turtles,  Camp Cove is filthy dirty disgusting underwater, but we did it. Cannot wait to go diving in warm weather, where there are cool animals.

Mr CB and I snuck in a lunch at Jasmin in Bankstown. For those times when you just want a massive, garlicy feast there is no better place. $17 for a mixed plate two people can't finish. Amazing. Absolutely one of my favourite all time eats. The pic is from the Lebanese sweets cafe next door. I am always too excited, then very quickly too full to take photos of the actual food. Tip: go there at lunch time. You need at least 5 hours of digesting to feel human again. 

I bought a few things. Am not that fussed on them. Maybe because I can't really wear them yet. 
Top to bottom:
Stella McCartney for Target dress. Old range, wanted it for ages, $16 inc postage from ebay.
Kaftan arrangement thingy for Greece from the Samvara sale
Magali Pascal beaded tunic top from the Samvara sale. Plan on wearing this with rats and big boots to a hens on the weekend. 

I also bought some black moccasiny style ankle boots at the Samvara sale. Don't know what it is about that sale that always makes me buy things that are so not me. But somehow love. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Eats lately (and why I won't be wearing a gold bikini when I dance on the podiums in Mykonos)


Mr CB had an op on his ear last week, so we have been laying pretty low and being comfy at home. He loves cooking, and gets bored very easily, so we have been eating. A lot. 
Homemade bircher muesli with fresh figs
Potato and leek soup with cheesy sourdough toasts

Sour dough with heirloom tomatoes and homegrown basil

Yesterday we headed to Cafe Sopra in Waterloo for lunch. Divine. I like the Italian here better than I did in Italy. We shared lots but I really didn't want to give away any of mine. 
The highlight of the meal was Billy getting really excited and practically throwing a glass of red wine over me and my camel coloured shirt.

Bucatini with meatballs
Quince tart with vanilla bean ice cream. ZOMG this was so so so ridiculous. Mr CB had a pannacotta with candied mandarins. Neither of us shared. 

Marcel says 'hi'! It's cold outside, but as you can tell I think he would rather freeze to death than wear his new sheepskin coat. Not impressed!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buying basics

Sometimes it's good to have a friend who works for Country Road. Like when you are in desperate need of new basics. Her discount plus their sale prices= good times. 

 I also recently bought this Warehouse blazer from Asos.
Boring basics but very much needed. I feel like I need some op shopped colour injected into my wardrobe/ life at the moment.

Don't forget to take some action on banning live exports.
Start here and sign Get Up's petition and email your local member.
Animals Australia have made it really easy here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Live cattle exporting

I can't shake this issue from my mind. I watch 4 Corners every week, but knowing this week's topic I couldn't. I am far too weak to watch anything about cruelty to animals, I cry during RSPCA. Even without watching, just reading about it has brought me to tears several times in the past couple of days.

The lovely Faux Fucshia has put into words far better than I can about how we must take action.

Please follow her links and write to those that can do something about this.


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