Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday cold-induced ramblings

If this post makes any sense it will be a miracle, since I have spent all week coughing, overdosing on Strepsils, drinking cough syrup from the bottle (class) and avoiding outside. 

I finally got around to using the free Kit Shop Til You Drop nail polish. Lovely summer colour. So not appropriate for the weather right now.
I worked in the city this morning. By work I mean sitting at a client's restaurant, waiting for him to talk to  a woman who worked for one of those deal websites because he had double booked me and she insisted she needed to talk to him first. Ok lady, you are clearly more important than me! Instead I sat and drank three coffees and ate croissants his staff kept bringing me. 

I then went to Zara. I was not as disappointed as I expected. Lots of stock, not that crowded, but for the love of god, WHY the long lines to pay? 30 people long. And it barely moved while I walked around. 

I drive past this guy on my way home. He is a windscreen washer wearing a mushroom/ super Mario brothers hat. And he's really cute. Strange.

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