Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To YSL Arty or not to YSL Arty?

I am jumping on this bandwagon like a mofo.

Ages ago I was obsessed with this colour, but got sensible and didn't buy it. It's gold. I don't do gold.
My attentions then turned for a long time to the gold and white enamel. I don't wear gold but the white enamel would tie in nicely with my Hermes bangle, non? But it went out of my mind as well.

Anyway, now net-a-porter has free shipping and the lapis is 102 pound. Hmm. And it ends tonight.  Decisions.


  1. arty! arty! definitely! I so so so wanted to get one in NY but it wasnt meant to be. I really want a turquoise one but theres none to be found anywhere!

  2. I love the turquoise as well... Just feel like in buying one for the sake of it since it's not the colour I really want? But I want one!

  3. I'm not a gold kinda girl either, but I really like this!



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