Monday, May 23, 2011

SCUBA/ not drowing

Such a beautiful day for our pool SCUBA session yesterday. It was FREEZING by the end though, even in a wetsuit, I felt for the people doing the afternoon session. 
The place we are doing it through are seriously so disorganised. There are also backpackers on the course who cannot swim. Would you not think that swimming is an important pre requisite of diving in the ocean?

Anyway, apart from a freakout when a part of the mouthpiece fell off when we were doing emergency buddy procedures (will be avoiding that moron underwater) it was pretty ace and we are all set for our ocean dives next weekend!

Saturday was gorgeous weather too, we took Marcel to the end of our street and just sat and looked at the water for ages. He loved it, he got to sit still and had all the walkers come to him to pat him. Perfect!

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