Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brunette- eep!

Last night I took the final plunge and went brunette. First time in my life. I should probably have been more scared. I just love love love my hairdresser. I had the day from hell yesterday (walk/ running from QVB to the Ivy in the rain because all the carparks in the city were full!!) and didn't have time to look at any pics. I sat down and she said 'darker? but still with some lighter bits showing through?' and I wanted to kiss her. Exactly what I wanted- no obvious balyage/ root deal going on but nothing too solid.
It looks really dark in this light. Doesn't look anything like me.

Country Road silk blouse, J Bran Houlihans,  Targert flats.
WHY don't they make those leather ballets any more? Loved them. 

Things I love about this photo:
  1. my J Brand Houlihans. Cannot take these things off, they are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned
  2. Marcel refusing to look at the camera/ mirror. He was so naughty last night but we can only laugh at him
  3. brown hair!
Things I do not love about this photo:
  1. messy, messy bed. Because of the rain here I haven't had a chance to wash our normal bedlinen (I hate dryers!) and had to use this queen size quilt cover. My giant latex mattress, even though it's queen size, needs king linen it's so high
  2. we STILL don't have bedside tables. Only been in our place a year, no rush. I just can't find what I want. The only things we have bought brand new furniture wise are Ikea bookshelves (does anyone not have an Expedit bookcase?) and desk. New furniture just doesn't do it for me. I really want solid (no veneer) teak drawers, but they are so hard to find in good condition. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

SCUBA/ not drowing

Such a beautiful day for our pool SCUBA session yesterday. It was FREEZING by the end though, even in a wetsuit, I felt for the people doing the afternoon session. 
The place we are doing it through are seriously so disorganised. There are also backpackers on the course who cannot swim. Would you not think that swimming is an important pre requisite of diving in the ocean?

Anyway, apart from a freakout when a part of the mouthpiece fell off when we were doing emergency buddy procedures (will be avoiding that moron underwater) it was pretty ace and we are all set for our ocean dives next weekend!

Saturday was gorgeous weather too, we took Marcel to the end of our street and just sat and looked at the water for ages. He loved it, he got to sit still and had all the walkers come to him to pat him. Perfect!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ASOS. Again. I know.

Just couldn't resist the 10% off sale code, even though it took ages for it to work for me and I got a call from the Mastercard fraud department in the process. The customer service at ASOS was awesome, a reply to my email within 20 minutes with a new code to use. How could I not buy?
Using the 28 Degrees Mastercard that I got for travel means there are not even any fees. Double rad. 
Belt needed for my newish chinos that sorta fall down
Work blouse. Love this colour.

Leather skirt. Have given up finding the perfect one, this will do. It has pockets which was a must. 

Why oh why don't they ship Mango to Oz? Want this (cheap!) shirt so bad.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Becks gets a Frenchie

The Beckhams' British Bulldog Coco has a baby sister. Scarlett the French Bulldog is sure to be one spoilt baby. Mr CB often gets confused with Becks (ha!) and will probably more so than ever now that Scarlett is here. 

 Now I know I am out and out biased, but seriously, Scarlett has nothing on my baby.
He could probably teach her a thing or two about getting 'papped' as well, only this morning two total strangers asked to take a photo of him while we were waiting for coffee. Not surprised.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday cold-induced ramblings

If this post makes any sense it will be a miracle, since I have spent all week coughing, overdosing on Strepsils, drinking cough syrup from the bottle (class) and avoiding outside. 

I finally got around to using the free Kit Shop Til You Drop nail polish. Lovely summer colour. So not appropriate for the weather right now.
I worked in the city this morning. By work I mean sitting at a client's restaurant, waiting for him to talk to  a woman who worked for one of those deal websites because he had double booked me and she insisted she needed to talk to him first. Ok lady, you are clearly more important than me! Instead I sat and drank three coffees and ate croissants his staff kept bringing me. 

I then went to Zara. I was not as disappointed as I expected. Lots of stock, not that crowded, but for the love of god, WHY the long lines to pay? 30 people long. And it barely moved while I walked around. 

I drive past this guy on my way home. He is a windscreen washer wearing a mushroom/ super Mario brothers hat. And he's really cute. Strange.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Online shopping guilts

It's quite confronting when you receive four parcels in the mail in the same day. Eep. I had a bit of a moment and felt a bit guilty about my shopping and thought whatamidoing but then got over it and love all my new things. 

Is there anything better than getting one of these in the mail?

Happy Mothers Day to me!
Thanks Marcel!

I'm thrilled with the lapis blue, it's such a gorgeous colour 

Also waiting at the post office. Guilts not helped by the Aust Post cow lady saying 'ooh someone's been busy, another silver parcel.' Hmm. 
In there is my Asos order (so fast!), a work jacket I ordered (doesn't count) and my J Brand Houlihans in black. These were an amahzing bargain, cheaper for the real deal than buying the rip offs in Sportsgirl et al. 

Loving my Asos moccasins, so comfy and cute. Those khaki pants are new too. Perfect length on me (weird) and can be rolled up. Bargain. 

Never fear, Marcel did not miss out on the new fun times. Aunty Gem got back from the U S of A and back with her came this tie-dye San Francisco tshirt. As requested by Mr CB, not even me! I know. I was as impressed as he looks. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last few days- too much!

Amber's birthday at Freaky Tiki. So fun!

Unexpected-when-meant-to-be-working gozleme is the best kind of gozleme. Thanks, Bondi Junction markets!

I bought new MJ perfume, Daisy Eau so Fresh, and the lovely SA gave me this solid perfume ring as a GWP. Cute!

Panini and soy flat white for brekky. One of my favourite things about Mr CB is how he always shares/ swaps his food. Helps with food envy. 

New Karen Walker earrings from mummy-in-law. Fresh from Kiwi land, I have never seen these ones in Oz before. Spoilt!

Today, early mummy's day lunch at Summer Salt with Mr CB's mummy. Food, service, everything exceptional as always. Aged wagyu with house made grissini... actually I won't start, I'll never stop. 

I feel like a very lucky girl at the mo. Marcel and I are kicking back with a vino (me, him water) and a massive pile of mags. Good times. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Cure

I take back all the bad stuff I've said in the past about Modular. The Cure are playing the Opera House, their first 3 albums in entirety. 
I had heard the rumours but, as with anything Modular, didn't take them too seriously. Didn't wanna get my hopes up. But it's confirmed. 
Someone's a wee bit excited. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To YSL Arty or not to YSL Arty?

I am jumping on this bandwagon like a mofo.

Ages ago I was obsessed with this colour, but got sensible and didn't buy it. It's gold. I don't do gold.
My attentions then turned for a long time to the gold and white enamel. I don't wear gold but the white enamel would tie in nicely with my Hermes bangle, non? But it went out of my mind as well.

Anyway, now net-a-porter has free shipping and the lapis is 102 pound. Hmm. And it ends tonight.  Decisions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

ASOS *shakes fist*

Inorder to teach ASOS a lesson for not  sending me a 15% discount code, I placed an order tonight. Hmm. I did remove a fair few things from my basket. 
Khaki chinos

Madge suede loafers

Swing top

Cute as skull earring gift card for Magski's going away gift (sob)

No more ASOS orders! Or internet shopping orders!
These 3 packages were in the mail in one day. Two were ASOS, and one my Lucky brand jeans and shorts I bought on US ebay. Sooo cheap, $80 for both including postage. But still...


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