Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SCUBA & avocado combinations

On the weekend Mags and I started our SCUBA course. 
Despite the craziness of the place running it (guys coming in clearly not having slept from last night, dogs running around, people walking in front of the projector screen etc) the first theory session was good. 
We got an amazing deal from Scoopon which made us stop the excuses and just go do it. It has been a bit hard to schedule in the four sessions, but saving $1000+ has got to be worth it. 
I have a lot of reading to do before our pool session in a few weeks. 
Don't I look hot in my snorkel mask?

I've been wanting to do a SCUBA course for years. Diving with sharks/ in Hawaii/ at night time can get crossed off my bucket list. Even though I don't really believe in bucket lists, but you get the drift. 

I am obsessed with anything to do with avocado at the moment. Again. Here is pane di casa with vegemite, avocado and ricotta. I'm already thinking about it for breakfast tomorrow. 


  1. Hey lovely, thanks for commenting on my blog.
    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for your Clic Clac when in Hawaii? Did you purchase it from the Duty Free shop?

  2. Hi hon, I don't remember the exact price but remember it was hundreds cheaper than here. I bought the white large one and it was roughly $450 aussie, and the dollar was a lot lower than it is now (2009).

    Yep I bought it at the duty free shop in Waikiki. It's a DFS with a Dior, Chloe etc and Hermes is right up the top in a little section. You would need your passport and airline ticket to buy duty free.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks lovely, such a great help x



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