Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a family Feaster!

Guy Grossi, your ad is killing me. Mainly because every time I eat (which is every 5 seconds this weekend) it comes into my head.

Olive, baby spinach & caramelised onion tart
White choc & blueberry tarts
Homemade teriyaki chicken, cucumber, avocado & omelette sushi rolls

For Easter sunday we had a bunch of people over so Mr CB could use his new toy, an old school charcoal barbeque. We had a delish late lunch of whole scotch fillet, baby chat potatoes, Olga's mum's spinach pie, prawns (yuk). Dessert was an orange-choc brulee cake from NY patisserie. Nom. 

Yesterday morning we became those people and took Marcel to his first French Bulldog show. We took 3 different 'M' roads to get there. Such great parents. I was beside myself, as was Marcel, at 101 French Bulldogs.
It was both awesome and scary to see how into French Bulldogs these people are. One girl had driven from Canberra for the day just to speak to Karen (our breeder) who of course had no time to actually talk to her because she was show secretary.
I forgot my camera, which is probably for the best, as dog stalking is not looked upon kindly. There were show peeps who had curtains around their doggies, and you weren't allowed to look at them, let alone pat them or take photos of them.
Of course Marcel was the cutest (slightly biased) but gosh there were some good looking puppy dogs there!

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