Monday, April 18, 2011

ASOS, Sass & Biday sale and ebay

I went ages without shopping. Ages I tell you. I have made up for it in the past few weeks. Ebay especially. Ebay + iphone + wine is a really, really bad combo when you're trying to save. 

Terrible iphone photo of a really cute Splendid cardigan. It's a light knit, so perfect for our weird weather right now. Was only $26 or something including postage.

I also did my very first (on my own) ASOS order. Slow I know. 
I really need some new plan tshirts and couldn't find anything I liked that wasn't 3 figures, so thought I would give them a go. I bought a few different styles to get an idea of the fits in khaki, black and white. The khaki one was 3 pounds!

I also bought this adorbs military- style cape. I had a Lover cape (that Mr CB paid something hideous for  as a gift) that I ended up selling because I hardly wore it. It was gorgeous, but it was just not right somehow. Too lightweight? Too bright? Too expensive for me to wear without freaking out hence it rarely left my wardrobe? Who knows. 

I couldn't resist the Sass and Biday sale. Thanks to Kath & Kim it will forever be pronounced that way. 
I went for jeans and jeans I got, along with some cute biege linen tie waist shorts. 

 $30 black misfits! Hurrah!
For $50 I couldn't go past 'The Saved' dress. I tried this on ages ago but even with David Jones vouchers to burn I couldn't justify $200+ for a cotton beachy dress. I think the two of us will be very happy in Greece!

I also have a few other ebay parcels coming my way. I will pretend like they don't exist until they turn up. 

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