Thursday, April 28, 2011

I really really really want a cupcake

How ridiculously amazing does this cupcake look? Sour cream fig with cream cheese frosting. Oh em gee.

I would like to thank Ming Makes Cupcakes in advance for the diabetic coma I am no doubt going to go into this weekend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marcel gets the 'chop'

My poor baby has just been dropped at the vets for the adjustment of his, ahem, man parts. I know it's no biggie, but I already miss him and am worried. When we walked into the vet he went straight behind the desk to where the treats are kept... poor thing had no idea!

On the lookout at Camperdown park on Good Friday

Lookout continues

Reading with Dad

Massaging Dad

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a family Feaster!

Guy Grossi, your ad is killing me. Mainly because every time I eat (which is every 5 seconds this weekend) it comes into my head.

Olive, baby spinach & caramelised onion tart
White choc & blueberry tarts
Homemade teriyaki chicken, cucumber, avocado & omelette sushi rolls

For Easter sunday we had a bunch of people over so Mr CB could use his new toy, an old school charcoal barbeque. We had a delish late lunch of whole scotch fillet, baby chat potatoes, Olga's mum's spinach pie, prawns (yuk). Dessert was an orange-choc brulee cake from NY patisserie. Nom. 

Yesterday morning we became those people and took Marcel to his first French Bulldog show. We took 3 different 'M' roads to get there. Such great parents. I was beside myself, as was Marcel, at 101 French Bulldogs.
It was both awesome and scary to see how into French Bulldogs these people are. One girl had driven from Canberra for the day just to speak to Karen (our breeder) who of course had no time to actually talk to her because she was show secretary.
I forgot my camera, which is probably for the best, as dog stalking is not looked upon kindly. There were show peeps who had curtains around their doggies, and you weren't allowed to look at them, let alone pat them or take photos of them.
Of course Marcel was the cutest (slightly biased) but gosh there were some good looking puppy dogs there!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Love everything this guy touches at the moment. Like the original ok, but whatever he does just gets to me. 

Happy Easter peeps!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moving bins- the glamour!

Mr CB has a weird thing going on with his ear, it wont pop and it's driving him nutso and making him nauseous. Too much surfing I say. Anyhow, because I'm awesome, I moved the bins in AND RUINED MY FRESH PEDICURE IN THE PROCESS. Grr. GRR GRR GRR

On a happier note, here is Alice with Marcel at the Eveleigh markets on Saturday. It was raining so much I thought the roof was going to cave in. Alice is sometimes scared and sometimes pretends to be scared of Marcel, so I showed her his spotty belly and how it matched her raincoat. She seemed pretty cool with him after that. 

Bec sent this photo to her mum and she thought Marcel was a toy. CUTE!

Note to self: expect a walk around Eveleigh markets to take, oh, about 50 TIMES longer than life before Marcel. He was spoonfed yoghurt from a stall holder, which he loved, and spat out the gourmet dog treats another gave him. Fussy. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Selby + Karen Walker

Karen Walker's home gets The Selby treatment.

Is there anything about this woman that isn't the coolest?
Love the red accents and the Kiwi bro touches (Mr CB is a Kiwi bro).  Valentina is so beyond adorable.

Upon seeing this and realising it's not the same house that was in Russh a while ago, my awesome friend did some stalking and found the For Sale ad for her old house here. Loving them both sick.

Damn you Nicole!

I have been ignoring the Coachella updates on spacebook/ twitter/ myface/ everywhere. 
I have also been ignoring photos of Alexa with her Mulberry bags. 

This I just cannot ignore. 

I have a Mulberry. The Roxanne in darwin oak. 
She looks very sad, sitting in her dust bag, at the top of my wardrobe, overused and under appreciated. 
She hasn't had an outing in a long time, I just don't have any use for her in my life at the moment. 
Things change. 


And PS, what's all this talk about Nicole putting on weight? She looks amazing. Celebs just can't win. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The day Marcel was attacked by Eamon Sullivan's dog

When I say attacked I mean in the puppy dog way. And Marcel totally had him, even though he's younger than Baxter he is so much beefier than him. I know, I know, crazy obsessed stage mum right here. 
Hi Baxter! 
(pic from the Daily Telegraph)

I was walking down the street when I saw these two ears poking out of a girl's arms. It was the weirdest thing, Marcel KNEW it was another Frenchie. He never cares about other dogs (kids another story) but he just went so mental for this guy. Man on man puppy love. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

ASOS, Sass & Biday sale and ebay

I went ages without shopping. Ages I tell you. I have made up for it in the past few weeks. Ebay especially. Ebay + iphone + wine is a really, really bad combo when you're trying to save. 

Terrible iphone photo of a really cute Splendid cardigan. It's a light knit, so perfect for our weird weather right now. Was only $26 or something including postage.

I also did my very first (on my own) ASOS order. Slow I know. 
I really need some new plan tshirts and couldn't find anything I liked that wasn't 3 figures, so thought I would give them a go. I bought a few different styles to get an idea of the fits in khaki, black and white. The khaki one was 3 pounds!

I also bought this adorbs military- style cape. I had a Lover cape (that Mr CB paid something hideous for  as a gift) that I ended up selling because I hardly wore it. It was gorgeous, but it was just not right somehow. Too lightweight? Too bright? Too expensive for me to wear without freaking out hence it rarely left my wardrobe? Who knows. 

I couldn't resist the Sass and Biday sale. Thanks to Kath & Kim it will forever be pronounced that way. 
I went for jeans and jeans I got, along with some cute biege linen tie waist shorts. 

 $30 black misfits! Hurrah!
For $50 I couldn't go past 'The Saved' dress. I tried this on ages ago but even with David Jones vouchers to burn I couldn't justify $200+ for a cotton beachy dress. I think the two of us will be very happy in Greece!

I also have a few other ebay parcels coming my way. I will pretend like they don't exist until they turn up. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All those years of typing 'Courtney Love' into ebay

and she goes and does this...

Courtney Love couture 

Also Splendour blergh. Glad I won't have to make any decisions re: the trek north this year.

The highlight will no doubt be the Loose Carnage DJ set. If the Festival Ladies make the bill I will cry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SCUBA & avocado combinations

On the weekend Mags and I started our SCUBA course. 
Despite the craziness of the place running it (guys coming in clearly not having slept from last night, dogs running around, people walking in front of the projector screen etc) the first theory session was good. 
We got an amazing deal from Scoopon which made us stop the excuses and just go do it. It has been a bit hard to schedule in the four sessions, but saving $1000+ has got to be worth it. 
I have a lot of reading to do before our pool session in a few weeks. 
Don't I look hot in my snorkel mask?

I've been wanting to do a SCUBA course for years. Diving with sharks/ in Hawaii/ at night time can get crossed off my bucket list. Even though I don't really believe in bucket lists, but you get the drift. 

I am obsessed with anything to do with avocado at the moment. Again. Here is pane di casa with vegemite, avocado and ricotta. I'm already thinking about it for breakfast tomorrow. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Return to Carpet Burns

A couple of weeks ago I put in my Tiffany big bead bracelet to have the 'C' charm soldered on that I got for my birthday. It came couriered today. 
It is so shiny it makes me feel sorry for my little beads. Shoulda put that in for a clean at the same time. 

When I was at the store there was a girl trying to return a (very obviously) fake bracelet. She had the best story about how her mum bought it for her in the US so it's probably silver the SA had never seen before, and she probably wasn't familiar with the overseas design. I kept letting people go in front of me in the line for the service counter so I could hear the rest of her tale. Hilarious.

Am toying with the idea of also getting this bead bracelet with the peace sign but with the black beads. Annoying that it's $125 in the US but $195 here.


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