Sunday, March 27, 2011


Did we all vote yesterday? 
I was a bit annoyed I wasn't asked to work, but after voting yesterday I was none too sad to not be standing in a damp school hall all day surrounded by election crazies. 
My local seat has always been safe Liberal, so no biggie around here. Let's just hope Barry can live up to the massive weight of expectation the people of NSW have for him to get things sorted. 

It's raining. On the weekend. How unusual. 
This is Marcel and I getting ready to go meet Magda at the Bondi BBC. 
It was raining, hence my super comfy outfit. Doesn't Marcel look super impressed?

Vans hoodie, Marks & Spencer tshirt, Marc Jacobs jeans, Vans cheetah hitops
Needless to say Mags was smitten. We walked into the markets (in the 10 seconds it wasn't raining) and gave up after about 10 metres. It is impossible to do anything with Marcel, everyone wants to pat him, ask what sort of dog he is, how old he is, how much he was (and then strangely walk away, ha!)
A few people told me they had one, one guy even ran off to get his girlfriend to show her. Another guy came out of a stall with a French Bulldog tshirt based on his puppy.

Ladies, if you are looking at a way to have men approach you, I will rent out my puppy. Girls like him, sure, but so many guys have gone a bit mental over him. Today a group of very cute young dudes ran across Campbell Pde to come pat him. Seems he is a bit of a cool dude dog. 

Hello Sunday night. Thanks Pete. I have watched bits and pieces of Jersey Shore but have tried to avoid it til I could watch it in order. You know, because it's so high brow and plot driven. 

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