Friday, March 18, 2011

Sales & Friday

This week has been so weird work-wise. I'm standing in for my boss who is on leave so I have booked in bare minimum work for myself, since last time he was off I was run off my feet and my phone didn't stop ringing.  Strangely I have had barely anything to do at all. 

Yesterday I went to the Zimmermann and Samvara sales since I was in the area. I was very restrained at Samvara, put back two pairs of boots (which in hindsight I should have bought) and at Zimmermann I just wasn't feeling it. Not helped by the group of young girls screeching at the top of their lungs and coughing on people (me).  Both buys will be great for Greece. As is the basis for any purchase I have made in ages!

All I bought:
Samvara sandals $55
Zimmermann Ebony Rose T dress $50. Terrible pic, and don't judge me with my pet sling 

Today since it was so quiet Bec and Alice came over to drop off the Kebbe balls we order from a girl at work. We took Marcel for his first walk and coffee shop visit. So exciting! He was so good but is still asleep 3 hours later from his huge day out!

Bec & Marcel
Alice. Ridiculously cute. 

Bec dropped off a huge pile of trashy mags. Hello rainy Friday afternoon

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