Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Relationships- give and take

Annoying for me, good for Mr CB, I am finding lot of man goodness at op shops lately.
These original 70s desert boots are brand new. In his size. What a lucky man he is. And $3! From the glory days where opshops didn't price their items as though they are a boutique in Double Bay. Why am I not finding anything like this for myself? Hey? Hey?!!

Don't feel too bad for me, because last night he came up the stairs with these:
Hi Dave! Sadly this mag is nowhere near as awesome as I remember from the US. But Dave is on the cover, so whatever. 
'Scuse the blurry photo, this was mid-demolition. Nom. 

Not a bad trade, am I right?


  1. What's the story with those desert boots, I found about a dozen pairs last week! Did some warehouse somewhere burn down or something?

  2. True- can't swing a cat lately for those and Rollers!



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