Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain + weekend + rain

Where did all this rain come from?
Look at these dark skies. It looked like this pretty much all weekend. Bad news when you have a new puppy and you have to do a lot of washing. 

We took Marcel out for a little stroll when it was a tiny bit clear and within minutes it started pelting down. The poor little thing had no idea what was going on and I carried him home shivering! My shoes were puddles of water and my hair was dripping even though I had a raincoat on. 
Methinks Marcel needs a raincoat. Hmm. 

Cold, rainy weather is great for cooking as we all know. Our homemade pizzas are getting better every time, which I didn't think possible. This one was amazing- crispy crusts mmmm. Proscuitto, olives, homegrown basil and bocconcini. I dreamt about it that night. 

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