Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nesting, weddings, Autumn, cookies (and a sneaky puppy pic)

I am really tempted to post 500 puppy pics because the last couple of days I feel like I have done nothing but. But I won't. This is what last week looked like:
I was probably nesting for Marcel's arrival, so I cleaned my jewellery. I have a LOT of Karen Walker. I bought the skull about 4 years ago,  and still wear it all the time.
Mr CB bought me the bow as one of the first gifts he ever gave me when we started dating. At the time I loved it but didn't know how much wear I would get out of it (I'm not very 'girly') but still wear it almost every day.
The heart with the arrow through was for our wedding anniversary last year. Naw. 

This is what the beach looked via Instagram (obsessed, my user name is carlsb) in the morning last week. Today is raining and drizzly. Hello Autumn

Bel and Ryan's wedding on Saturday. She was the most amazing bride ever. She looked stunning and was so relaxed, happy and appreciative of the day that you couldn't help but feel the love. They managed to have a day that was all about celebrating their love but was also It helps that Ry is a DJ and his friends played awesome tunes at the reception, I danced so much my feet are still sore today!
It was the perfect Sydney day,  I will smile so much about that day for a long time. 

We have a very full house of puppy visitors last night, so I made a zucchini slice (was not that great really) and these white choc and macadamia cookies, which are the closest thing I can get to Byron Bay ones.

And just one little Marcel pic. Yesterday he found a new favourite spot, my laptop bag. He snoozed at my feet for hours while I worked (and stared at him). He is just so gorgeous. I am so in love. 

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