Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Army vests & eggplant

Pretty jealous of this army camo vest I got for Mr CB at Salvos the other day. $10! Needless to say he is loving it sick and wearing it around the house.

This mini eggplant has gone crazy. If I weren't so lazy it would have been ripped out by now as it has had ONE eggplant in months. Lucky for me I didn't, there are at least ten on it now. 
I used my Flower Power garden lovers club voucher (I know, it sounds like I'm a really old lady) to get new coriander, Italian parsley and rocket plants yesterday. Hopefully my laziness will mean they take off as well. 

Marcel says hi. He, like me, doesn't want daylight savings to end as we love our afternoon walks to the beach. I, unlike him, will be glad to not get up in the dark next week. 

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