Monday, March 7, 2011

1st emergency vet trip

Sunday morning, crack of dawn. Marcel is chomping away on his breakfast (Royal Canin and mince, yummo) and he suddenly backs away from his bowl super quick and starts making the most horrendous choking sound. Thinking it's a problem with his throat (common in Frenchies) I started rubbing his little chin. This stopped it for a bit and he went back for more food.

Then the noise started again. It was horrible. Like he was trying to bring something up but couldn't. He ran away from us fussing over him into the spare room and looked terrible. But then he starts hearing birds outside and looking around, so we thought it couldn't be too bad.

We call the breeder and she listened to the noise and said take him to the vet. We race to the emergency 24 hour vet where they grabbed him straight away and took him in. A ridiculously stressful 15 minutes or so goes by, feeling like days, and the lovely vet tells us there is nothing in his airways but is going to xray him. Have you ever seen a dog xray? They are better than human ones.

Anyway, turns out he probably did choke on something, but got it down (he def didn't get it up, we didn't let him out of our sight) and has bruised his throat. She then freaked us out by telling us his trachea is really small and may need surgery when he gets older. We know that's really common in Frenchies but hearing it was still full on.

We had to leave him at the vet to get over the anaesthetic. I paced the house for hours until we could get him, when we got to the vet they were taking him out to weigh him and he had a crowd of people around him gushing. Although very groggy he was so much better.
A very quiet night last night and this morning he was up and at it 4.30. Eep!

Marcel you scared the hell out of us!

Power nap, dressing up, first bath

1 comment:

  1. Poor little chooka, as my dad says.
    So scary when a dog is sick.
    He is just beautiful - glad he is safe.
    I love his lifeguard top!



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