Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Army vests & eggplant

Pretty jealous of this army camo vest I got for Mr CB at Salvos the other day. $10! Needless to say he is loving it sick and wearing it around the house.

This mini eggplant has gone crazy. If I weren't so lazy it would have been ripped out by now as it has had ONE eggplant in months. Lucky for me I didn't, there are at least ten on it now. 
I used my Flower Power garden lovers club voucher (I know, it sounds like I'm a really old lady) to get new coriander, Italian parsley and rocket plants yesterday. Hopefully my laziness will mean they take off as well. 

Marcel says hi. He, like me, doesn't want daylight savings to end as we love our afternoon walks to the beach. I, unlike him, will be glad to not get up in the dark next week. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Did we all vote yesterday? 
I was a bit annoyed I wasn't asked to work, but after voting yesterday I was none too sad to not be standing in a damp school hall all day surrounded by election crazies. 
My local seat has always been safe Liberal, so no biggie around here. Let's just hope Barry can live up to the massive weight of expectation the people of NSW have for him to get things sorted. 

It's raining. On the weekend. How unusual. 
This is Marcel and I getting ready to go meet Magda at the Bondi BBC. 
It was raining, hence my super comfy outfit. Doesn't Marcel look super impressed?

Vans hoodie, Marks & Spencer tshirt, Marc Jacobs jeans, Vans cheetah hitops
Needless to say Mags was smitten. We walked into the markets (in the 10 seconds it wasn't raining) and gave up after about 10 metres. It is impossible to do anything with Marcel, everyone wants to pat him, ask what sort of dog he is, how old he is, how much he was (and then strangely walk away, ha!)
A few people told me they had one, one guy even ran off to get his girlfriend to show her. Another guy came out of a stall with a French Bulldog tshirt based on his puppy.

Ladies, if you are looking at a way to have men approach you, I will rent out my puppy. Girls like him, sure, but so many guys have gone a bit mental over him. Today a group of very cute young dudes ran across Campbell Pde to come pat him. Seems he is a bit of a cool dude dog. 

Hello Sunday night. Thanks Pete. I have watched bits and pieces of Jersey Shore but have tried to avoid it til I could watch it in order. You know, because it's so high brow and plot driven. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bargains and brown hair!

 Hello Supre bargains! $2.50 EACH ITEM! I normally avoid the one near my work like the plague, but the striped maxi caught my eye as I was looking for one for Greece. $2.50!
I was also tempted by the stripey jumpsuit and the animal print shorts. Might wear the shorts as jammies. Who knows. For $2.50 I might wear them on my head.

Also I have brown hair. I know, I'm shocked too. 
Well it's kinda brown. Very brown pieces. Can't quite look at myself. Not helped by this photo where I look nothing like myself, but a scary alien version. 
It'll wash out. If not I'll get used to it. 

Banana prices- bananas!

Have you seen the price of bananas? $13.99 a kilo the other day.
So when I saw these babies at $2 a packet I bought 4 and froze them. But not before I used less than one packet (that's less than $2 people) to make a banana and mixed berry bread using this recipe. From Dear Asparagus. Love your blog btw!

Insanely delish. Mr CB ate about 3/4 of it. He's a growing boy. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A glimpse of the sun

You can't tell that well from my dodgy iphone photo, but you could barely see the sky this morning through the haze. The rain has stopped and I am frantically washing to get some stuff on the line while there is some sun. 
Things like really dicey down south, one of the managers at work lives down near Albion Park and he had a lot of water through his house last night. Scary stuff. 

I'm so tired. I don't mind getting up at the crack of dawn with Marcel but the past few nights there has been the weirdest loud banging noise outside and I have barely slept. Mr CB reckons its the sewer. Eeeeew. Strata is sending a plumber out today, hopefully it's sorted quickly, can't think about it.

Apparently French Bulldogs do not like the sun. It seems mine does. 
We walked (well he pranced) up to the coffee shop this morning and he was patted and cooed over non stop. I think he is getting a big head. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain + weekend + rain

Where did all this rain come from?
Look at these dark skies. It looked like this pretty much all weekend. Bad news when you have a new puppy and you have to do a lot of washing. 

We took Marcel out for a little stroll when it was a tiny bit clear and within minutes it started pelting down. The poor little thing had no idea what was going on and I carried him home shivering! My shoes were puddles of water and my hair was dripping even though I had a raincoat on. 
Methinks Marcel needs a raincoat. Hmm. 

Cold, rainy weather is great for cooking as we all know. Our homemade pizzas are getting better every time, which I didn't think possible. This one was amazing- crispy crusts mmmm. Proscuitto, olives, homegrown basil and bocconcini. I dreamt about it that night. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sales & Friday

This week has been so weird work-wise. I'm standing in for my boss who is on leave so I have booked in bare minimum work for myself, since last time he was off I was run off my feet and my phone didn't stop ringing.  Strangely I have had barely anything to do at all. 

Yesterday I went to the Zimmermann and Samvara sales since I was in the area. I was very restrained at Samvara, put back two pairs of boots (which in hindsight I should have bought) and at Zimmermann I just wasn't feeling it. Not helped by the group of young girls screeching at the top of their lungs and coughing on people (me).  Both buys will be great for Greece. As is the basis for any purchase I have made in ages!

All I bought:
Samvara sandals $55
Zimmermann Ebony Rose T dress $50. Terrible pic, and don't judge me with my pet sling 

Today since it was so quiet Bec and Alice came over to drop off the Kebbe balls we order from a girl at work. We took Marcel for his first walk and coffee shop visit. So exciting! He was so good but is still asleep 3 hours later from his huge day out!

Bec & Marcel
Alice. Ridiculously cute. 

Bec dropped off a huge pile of trashy mags. Hello rainy Friday afternoon

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy market times

S&P/ASX 200 chart

Small gain but after yesterday's insanity- wow. 

I was in Japan at the start of the GFC, the Lehman Brothers announcements and the like, where the market dropped 10% or something ridiculous in one day. We were reading two day-old English newspapers and for a couple of days had no access to internet at all when we were staying in a monastery. Mr CB was beside himself.  One day we were in a train station and I asked a stranger if I could borrow his newspaper and remember us both just sitting there in total shock at what was going on. It seems like a lifetime ago. 

There are such mixed reports in the media about the effects the Fukushima plant blowing might have. If I was a journo in Japan I would be hightailing it out of there, stat. Cannot believe the lines for food and drink. Imagine having a child there. Horrible to think. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, Japan!

Another place so close to my heart in so much pain. My heart goes out to the beautiful people of Japan.

I can't even wish them a speedy recovery or the like, it's just so immense.

Gem and Amber are going over in a few months for Fuji Rock, I'm not going because we'll be in Greece. I just can't imagine how things will go from here.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Scuse the blurry photo, but what is happening to my nails? They are never this long, ever. I was so freaked out by them I had to cut them. 

Now they are a lovely lilac shade. Australis' 'Peek-a-boo' to be exact. Loving this polish sick. It wears better than Chanel, OPI, Dior. Maybe it's just my weird nails, but for $7.99 or so a bottle I aint complaining. 
(allo there STYD that arrived yesterday)

This salad was really boring til I added some sourdough that I lightly fried. Then it was insanely delish. 

Work is really quiet. Good for lazing around the house with Marcel times, but I'm going slightly insane. 

Joe's farewell drinks last night were sad. When I wasn't crying with laughter from one of his crazy stories I was a bit down to think he has left. Something company-specific stupid happened yesterday, I went to IM him and he wasn't on there :(
My farewell note that I wrote in his card said something like this:
'Dear Stinky Cabbage, 
since you no longer work here I have nothing more to say to you.
Love always, Curry Burns."
Touching, no?

In other amazing news, I finally finished my goddam diploma. Only taken me about 500 years of sporadic enthusiasm to get it done. So overjoyed at being able to add another coupla letters to my work signature (sarcasm).

Monday, March 7, 2011

1st emergency vet trip

Sunday morning, crack of dawn. Marcel is chomping away on his breakfast (Royal Canin and mince, yummo) and he suddenly backs away from his bowl super quick and starts making the most horrendous choking sound. Thinking it's a problem with his throat (common in Frenchies) I started rubbing his little chin. This stopped it for a bit and he went back for more food.

Then the noise started again. It was horrible. Like he was trying to bring something up but couldn't. He ran away from us fussing over him into the spare room and looked terrible. But then he starts hearing birds outside and looking around, so we thought it couldn't be too bad.

We call the breeder and she listened to the noise and said take him to the vet. We race to the emergency 24 hour vet where they grabbed him straight away and took him in. A ridiculously stressful 15 minutes or so goes by, feeling like days, and the lovely vet tells us there is nothing in his airways but is going to xray him. Have you ever seen a dog xray? They are better than human ones.

Anyway, turns out he probably did choke on something, but got it down (he def didn't get it up, we didn't let him out of our sight) and has bruised his throat. She then freaked us out by telling us his trachea is really small and may need surgery when he gets older. We know that's really common in Frenchies but hearing it was still full on.

We had to leave him at the vet to get over the anaesthetic. I paced the house for hours until we could get him, when we got to the vet they were taking him out to weigh him and he had a crowd of people around him gushing. Although very groggy he was so much better.
A very quiet night last night and this morning he was up and at it 4.30. Eep!

Marcel you scared the hell out of us!

Power nap, dressing up, first bath

Weekend domesticness

I spent most of the weekend at home with my new babe. Apart from a drinks visit to the Courthouse to see Jacks on her trip back from the US and an emergency vet trip (more on that later) we basically didn't leave the house. We made lots of food and I got through some of the mags that had been piling up, neglected while I stared at Marcel. 
Homemade pizza bases with bocconcini, passata, olives and basil. So yum. 

Toast with avocado, cheese and chilli flakes. Thanks to New York's Cafe Gitane for this breakfast idea. I still think about that place a lot. 
Beef spare ribs with sweet potato mash. This will be on high rotation in winter

Friday, March 4, 2011

Marcel > Rihanna

Today I gave up free tickets for Rihanna to stay at home with Marcel. 
Mother of the year?

In other news, he did his first #2 on the pet loo today. SO PROUD!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nesting, weddings, Autumn, cookies (and a sneaky puppy pic)

I am really tempted to post 500 puppy pics because the last couple of days I feel like I have done nothing but. But I won't. This is what last week looked like:
I was probably nesting for Marcel's arrival, so I cleaned my jewellery. I have a LOT of Karen Walker. I bought the skull about 4 years ago,  and still wear it all the time.
Mr CB bought me the bow as one of the first gifts he ever gave me when we started dating. At the time I loved it but didn't know how much wear I would get out of it (I'm not very 'girly') but still wear it almost every day.
The heart with the arrow through was for our wedding anniversary last year. Naw. 

This is what the beach looked via Instagram (obsessed, my user name is carlsb) in the morning last week. Today is raining and drizzly. Hello Autumn

Bel and Ryan's wedding on Saturday. She was the most amazing bride ever. She looked stunning and was so relaxed, happy and appreciative of the day that you couldn't help but feel the love. They managed to have a day that was all about celebrating their love but was also so.much.fun. It helps that Ry is a DJ and his friends played awesome tunes at the reception, I danced so much my feet are still sore today!
It was the perfect Sydney day,  I will smile so much about that day for a long time. 

We have a very full house of puppy visitors last night, so I made a zucchini slice (was not that great really) and these white choc and macadamia cookies, which are the closest thing I can get to Byron Bay ones.

And just one little Marcel pic. Yesterday he found a new favourite spot, my laptop bag. He snoozed at my feet for hours while I worked (and stared at him). He is just so gorgeous. I am so in love. 


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