Friday, February 18, 2011

Summer clothes and sales

Today I went to the Bassike sale for a loosky and came home with 3 singlets
- aqua
- khaki
- and mud. Who calls a colour mud?
also a pair of pants which I didn't try on and are quite tight on my calves. Now my calves are quite small compared to the rest of me so I find this very strange. Anyway, I needed the tanks baaaaaad and might sell the pants.

Everything I look at buying I think 'can I wear that in Greece/ when will I wear that in Greece/ to which Taverna will I wear that in Greece?' Despite the fact that I will be there for 6 weeks and have (hopefully) the rest of my life to live I realise this is ridiculous behaviour. I cannot even fathom looking at winter clothes because I won't be here for half of it. So I will be the one freezing my buttola off come June!

On that note I want this:
from Surfstich because:
a) it's $39
b) I have a black one similar that I have been wearing to death
c) I can wear it in Greece
d) it's $39!

But the dilemma is this: to qualify for free shipping you must spend over $50. Hmm.

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