Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Op shops, Ikea and foods

Firstly, how amazing is it to not sweat the second you walk out the door? Actually, as on Saturday, 24 hours a day?

Today I had some time to kill between meetings and found this gorgeous print at Vinnies for $6! $6!!!! Love it, love the style, but not sure where it's going to go. Our walls are kinda filling up at the moment.
I also hit Ikea, now that I am 'family' so I should. I went for a frame for my Balinese Ganesha elephant picture, but in the purchase-warp that is Ikea, I also left with:

  • a metal waste bin for under my desk
  • 6 champagne glasses ($5.99!)
  • a bathmat to replace the one Mr CB got bleach on, bless him for trying
  • a dustpan so Mr CB doesn't have to take ours to the garage all the time. I tossed up getting him pink but he got aqua, hopefully he will think of me when he sweeps ha!

 Doesn't he look pretty in his new frame?

We have been eating lazy (but yummy) things through the heatwave, like pastizzis with zucchini, mint, pear, fetta and pine nut salad. Last night we had spag bol and my golly gosh it was so yummy to eat hot, carb-laden food. 

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