Monday, February 7, 2011

Laneway 2011

What  a day! The first ever Festival Ladies DJ set was a blast, and it's safe to say we dominated Polaroids of Androids given that we voted and we won 3-1. Ha! DJing was nowhere near as hard as we thought and we had so much fun. It was a shame we were banned from playing Frenzal as Lindsay was watching us and that would have been so awesome. 
Lots of good time party tunes for all. We actually seemed almost as professional as actual proper DJs. You know, ones who get paid for doing it.
Getting paid in beer (Asahi!) and cider is amazing and suits me just fine

The 'Ladies' looking pretty pleased with ourselves at the end of our set after not breaking anything
Gem and Josh getting 'papped' 
Loose Carnage, our awesome support act 
Festival Ladies merch is happening! Thanks to Avril Lavigne for the guitar pick idea

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