Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

I know, I know, the day is generally rubbish and a mass marketing exercise, but does it hurt to tell someone you love them? At the risk of sounding like a mushfest, every day can be V day and with Mr CB it sure does feel like it.

I don't think there is anything worse than sitting in a forced romantic atmosphere eating overpriced set menus, so we ate at home tonight. I made lamb backstrap stuffed with baby spinach and fetta with roasted field mushrooms with a sauce of pureed roasted roma tomatoes, capsicum and parmesan. It was DIVINE, especially the sauce. I was so excited to eat it I forgot to take pics. Oops.

I also made Mr CB some dark choc (ick) love hearts which are pretty much all gone.

In other news, we are staying here in Athens. Cool, ne?
I really, really want to get booking for the islands but it's so hard when you have to get approval from other people. My control freak virgo nature is not liking this!

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