Friday, February 18, 2011

Couch to 5k- week 5.1

This morning I finished the first run of week 5 and it felt sooooo good. I was so not in the mood this morning (a few beers last night!) but about 5 minutes in I hit my stride.

The Runkeeper app is great, tracks your time, distance, pace and calories. This is from last week as I stupidly stopped this morning's tracking halfway through without noticing. I'm still also using the SPOD Fantasyze podcast, it makes timing so easy.

I other news I did my (hopefully) last Institute exam last night! I doubt I set the world on fire marks wise, but I'm pretty confident I passed. Cannot believe they had us in a computer room where you could read, without even trying, the answers of about 5 or 6 people around you. Fingers crossed that is the last time I will have to deal with that organisation!
I never go to that part of the city (the Rocks end of George St), it was quite strange, there are so many tourists there its like being in another country. Everyone is walking around, looking up at buildings, at maps etc. It would drive me crazy working around there, not just for the annoyance but because everyone is on holidays.

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