Monday, February 28, 2011

I have a puppy

Introducing Marcel Louis.

I cannot believe I can say those words after waiting for a lifetime to get him. I am so in love it's ridiculous.

He is a sleeping, snorting, weeing machine and it's awesome.
Car ride home in his harness
In his huge bed 
His favourite spot. Of course not in his bed, but on the lounge on a cushion 
We are watching the Oscars at the moment. Be prepared for an onslaught of puppy pics!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Am thinking of all the kiwi bros hit by the earthquake... such a horrible situation. Mr CB's relos are all on the north island, thank goodness. Too much sadness for one summer.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Summer clothes and sales

Today I went to the Bassike sale for a loosky and came home with 3 singlets
- aqua
- khaki
- and mud. Who calls a colour mud?
also a pair of pants which I didn't try on and are quite tight on my calves. Now my calves are quite small compared to the rest of me so I find this very strange. Anyway, I needed the tanks baaaaaad and might sell the pants.

Everything I look at buying I think 'can I wear that in Greece/ when will I wear that in Greece/ to which Taverna will I wear that in Greece?' Despite the fact that I will be there for 6 weeks and have (hopefully) the rest of my life to live I realise this is ridiculous behaviour. I cannot even fathom looking at winter clothes because I won't be here for half of it. So I will be the one freezing my buttola off come June!

On that note I want this:
from Surfstich because:
a) it's $39
b) I have a black one similar that I have been wearing to death
c) I can wear it in Greece
d) it's $39!

But the dilemma is this: to qualify for free shipping you must spend over $50. Hmm.

Couch to 5k- week 5.1

This morning I finished the first run of week 5 and it felt sooooo good. I was so not in the mood this morning (a few beers last night!) but about 5 minutes in I hit my stride.

The Runkeeper app is great, tracks your time, distance, pace and calories. This is from last week as I stupidly stopped this morning's tracking halfway through without noticing. I'm still also using the SPOD Fantasyze podcast, it makes timing so easy.

I other news I did my (hopefully) last Institute exam last night! I doubt I set the world on fire marks wise, but I'm pretty confident I passed. Cannot believe they had us in a computer room where you could read, without even trying, the answers of about 5 or 6 people around you. Fingers crossed that is the last time I will have to deal with that organisation!
I never go to that part of the city (the Rocks end of George St), it was quite strange, there are so many tourists there its like being in another country. Everyone is walking around, looking up at buildings, at maps etc. It would drive me crazy working around there, not just for the annoyance but because everyone is on holidays.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Booking, booking, booking

Sorry credit card, the time has come to start booking for our trip. I was starting to get anxious about having nothing organised, so yesterday Olga and I churned through sites looking for accommodation for Santorini and Mykonos.

We are staying at Lady Anna in Mykonos

and The Mill Houses in Santorini. 

Hello views! We kinda splashed out for these two places as where else in the world would you want a view more? Cannot wait, it is coming up so quickly. When we started talking about going it seemed like a lifetime ago. 5 months away is nothing. 
Now to start booking for Turkey and internal flights and ferries. I don't think I can leave it until we get there. 

Exam tomorrow. In case you can't tell this is me procrastinating. I got a 74 for my assignment which has taken the pressure off a bit, this is good and bad as I am being rather lax with my study!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

I know, I know, the day is generally rubbish and a mass marketing exercise, but does it hurt to tell someone you love them? At the risk of sounding like a mushfest, every day can be V day and with Mr CB it sure does feel like it.

I don't think there is anything worse than sitting in a forced romantic atmosphere eating overpriced set menus, so we ate at home tonight. I made lamb backstrap stuffed with baby spinach and fetta with roasted field mushrooms with a sauce of pureed roasted roma tomatoes, capsicum and parmesan. It was DIVINE, especially the sauce. I was so excited to eat it I forgot to take pics. Oops.

I also made Mr CB some dark choc (ick) love hearts which are pretty much all gone.

In other news, we are staying here in Athens. Cool, ne?
I really, really want to get booking for the islands but it's so hard when you have to get approval from other people. My control freak virgo nature is not liking this!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two weeks today and my baby will be home

This is where he snuggled in while the 7 other beasts were going crazy. He chose us!

Billy getting attacked!

You are going to be so spoilt!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Op shops, Ikea and foods

Firstly, how amazing is it to not sweat the second you walk out the door? Actually, as on Saturday, 24 hours a day?

Today I had some time to kill between meetings and found this gorgeous print at Vinnies for $6! $6!!!! Love it, love the style, but not sure where it's going to go. Our walls are kinda filling up at the moment.
I also hit Ikea, now that I am 'family' so I should. I went for a frame for my Balinese Ganesha elephant picture, but in the purchase-warp that is Ikea, I also left with:

  • a metal waste bin for under my desk
  • 6 champagne glasses ($5.99!)
  • a bathmat to replace the one Mr CB got bleach on, bless him for trying
  • a dustpan so Mr CB doesn't have to take ours to the garage all the time. I tossed up getting him pink but he got aqua, hopefully he will think of me when he sweeps ha!

 Doesn't he look pretty in his new frame?

We have been eating lazy (but yummy) things through the heatwave, like pastizzis with zucchini, mint, pear, fetta and pine nut salad. Last night we had spag bol and my golly gosh it was so yummy to eat hot, carb-laden food. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Laneway 2011

What  a day! The first ever Festival Ladies DJ set was a blast, and it's safe to say we dominated Polaroids of Androids given that we voted and we won 3-1. Ha! DJing was nowhere near as hard as we thought and we had so much fun. It was a shame we were banned from playing Frenzal as Lindsay was watching us and that would have been so awesome. 
Lots of good time party tunes for all. We actually seemed almost as professional as actual proper DJs. You know, ones who get paid for doing it.
Getting paid in beer (Asahi!) and cider is amazing and suits me just fine

The 'Ladies' looking pretty pleased with ourselves at the end of our set after not breaking anything
Gem and Josh getting 'papped' 
Loose Carnage, our awesome support act 
Festival Ladies merch is happening! Thanks to Avril Lavigne for the guitar pick idea

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The day the earth started to melt

41 degrees for my meeting at Epping today in an underground garage. Needless to say I was dying to get back to the beach. I think my leather folder melted. 

Picked this baby up last night, needless to say I am never leaving the house again.

Dinner tonight. Add to the homemade chips about a litre of garlic dip in an effort to rid my nose of this awful lurgy. Bless Mr CB for his amazing cookingness as I would have happily eaten grass for dinner tonight in this heat.

A HUGE congrats for my gorgeous friend Jads on the birth of Gabrijel. Adorable boy with a beautiful name. What a woman- went to Sufjan Stevens Saturday night, popped out a baby on Sunday. Go girl.


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