Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Op shops and mail

I haven't had an op shop win for ages so was stoked with this bag today. Suede, drawstring top, shirt handles AND long handles (I've decided all handbags now must have two sets of handles) and super cute tassles. Best part? $3! Strange as I don't think I have seen a cool handbag in an op shop for anything less than 5 gazillion $$ lately, so I would have paid the whopping $6 full price tag. 

 I couldn't resist these new Havaianas for $1. Either someone better hurry up and have a girl or I am buying another pair and putting them on the puppy!
 I also got a few cute singlet tops and a nice/ slobby checkered shirt for Mr CB. Grand total $11. ABOUT TIME!!

In the mail today there were no bills. I know, I'm shocked too. Instead Nylon Guys arrived from the great land of the Americas. The guys' one is kinda better than the girls'. I am flattered that Carla Zampatti (and her lovely daughter) still send me catalogues after one purchase. Maybe one day I will succumb to the gorgeous tailoring again.

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