Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry 2011

So strange to write that! Time flies and time flies faster than ever it seems. 
Had a great 'break' even though I was working throughout. Lucky it was so quiet and I got to go out for breakfast with my man every day, hang out at the beach a LOT (the water has finally warmed above 15deg, yay), read a lot of mags and papers and watch a lot of TV series on DVD. 
We got through nearly all of our Bali DVDs and I even managed to get my husband as addicted to Gossip Girl as I was. I'm sooooo glad I have been so lazy in watching it because there is no way I could have waited over their break to see what happens to Chuck. "I'm Chuck Bass." Bless.

Christmas was great, we had such a cruisy day. Lunch went really well, the food was beautiful (if i do say so myself) and everyone got to have a relaxing day. We did pretty good for our first biggish thing at our place methinks. 
My lovely husband bought me Karen Walker jewellery- peace sign stud earrings and a necklace with a heart with an arrow through it, well done! He also got me a Tom Ford lipstick, which I am so rapt with that I cannot bear to use it and ruin the beautiful 'TF.' I am so lucky to have him and can just imagine him standing at the DJs counter picking out a colour for me!

Billy and I mucking around with the camera on Christmas day. He didn't want to smile for the camera. Don't you love my festive bow clip?

My grey toenails on an amazing summer's day
NYE was really quiet, we just hung out in our old backyard with out old neighbours. Mr CB managed to pour 2 bottles of the Moet we had bought for others and I barely had a glass out of each. Sometimes his generosity is frustrating! I left before even midnight, just wasn't in the mood, but I never am on NYE.

Mags and I sweating our bums off before the Rapture
I was extremely proud of myself for being in ready-to-fire form for NYD and we got to Field Day nice and early. Soooo much has improved since I last went. Heaps more bars, actual shade, places to rest my wear old lady legs. 
Though it was really hot it wasn't unbearable and I had such a great day hanging out with friends and just cruising around. I got a new The Rapture tshirt which I am in love with and Mr CB added to his Public Enemy tshirt collection.

Going there with such low expectations meant I had such a good time, even though there was a clash of three of the main acts I wanted to see. Marina and the Diamonds lost out to The Rapture, because as we decided, seeing them is a life choice, not a decision. Or something.
They are always so entertaining beyond imagine and never disappoint. I for some bizarre reason thought the singer had left but of course I was wrong. And the cowbell was like its own band member!

Flava Flav. So amazing. 

Mr CB was mainly (only) there for Public Enemy and he barely got up from our awesome seated spot before them. But they were worth going for alone. Amazing. I can't even think/ don't want to know how old they are, because they put acts half their age to shame. They got the crowd worked up like no other act I have ever seen, despite 99% of the kids going to see Justice on the main stage.

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