Friday, January 7, 2011

Foods and healths

I am yet to fall off the faux-resolution bandwagon! Go me! I've been to the gym or for a run every day this week and my body is in a world of pain but it's good pain. Like struggle to get out of bed pain!

This insane weather has wreaked havoc on my little garden. Not much is thriving. Basil- died. Zucchinis- died. My little finger eggplants are bucking the trend though. Yum!

These habanero (ie, ridic hot) chillis should be about 5 times in number by now.

Lunch has been salad almost every day. Why does tuna not taste as good in springwater as is does in olive oil? Hmm. In my exxy Ikea bowl is dark greens, four bean mix, tuna (without the oil, boo), chia seeds, olives, lemon juice, fetta and homegrown cherry tomatoes. Probably all eaten first because they are so super sweet. Today I put chopped boiled egg in it and it wasn't as nice.

Rice paper rolls for dinner last night. Mr CB is a machine at rolling these babies. His had coriander to the max. Ick. There are little bits of chicken amazingness in there. I marinated little strips in hoisin sauce, soy, spring onion from the garden and garlic. Nom.

Despite my diet in the 4 or so weeks leading up to Christmas being the worst in the history of bad diets, my nails and hair are going mental. I need a fringe trim already and I'm cutting and filing my nails every 2nd day. Long nails freak me out. Which is probably a lot to do with my lack of anything other than a stub under normal circumstances. 

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