Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Day Out

Had an awesome day, such low expectations will do that to you I guess. 

It was hot, but nothing on previous years I thought. Sweated up a storm regardless. 

We saw:
- Dead Letter Circus. I can't ever concentrate on this band because I know a guy in a band called Dead Letter Chorus and it always confuses me. But for the seconds I paid attention they sounded great
- Andrew WK. The man is insane to still be party hardy in that heat
- Gyroscope. Sadly they didn't sound great on that stage which is a shame as they are normally so good live. Heat. 
- Deftones. I was going with the flow and had no intention of seeing these guys but they were pretty cool. Getting old
- after stuffing around, we barely made the end of Crystal Castles and only heard the one song, Not in Love, which without Robert Smith wasn't the same. No Crimewave. Sad face
- Iggy and the Stooges. He is so cool and dare I say it, hot
- Rammstein. I don't get the fuss (and I can't remember that I did back in the day) and they should have had the light show on later and darker, but they were fun
- LCD Soundsystem. Even though it felt like they played for 5 minutes and played barely any songs they are still just amazing. All My Friends is probably my favourite song of the last 10 years. Well that night
- MIA- so so so disappointing. I made the biggest fuss about the bus coming late so we could stay for her whole set and it was just so boring. There were snippets of how awesome she used to be (Bucky Dun Gun, Paper Planes, Boyz)  but for the most part it was yawn fest.

Some dude in the Boiler Room
For some reason the crowd didn't really annoy me this year. I know, shocking. There seemed to be so many less people there, but then again I avoided Tool. Ribena again saved the day to avoid drink lines. All in all I had a really tops day.
Peter having a nanna. It was already his 3rd BDO so we can cut him some slack

James Murphy. God.

I now have the BDO flu, spent all weekend on the lounge shivering/ sweating alternately. No wonder, it would have been a breeding germ paradise!

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