Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Travel stars

This article from the SMH could not be more spot on:

Your travel style Everyone loves travelling with a Virgo because they're so organised. They not only know what time the trains leave, they get you to the station with 30 minutes to spare and they've booked all the accommodation in advance. A Virgo's perfect holiday lets them exercise either their body or their mystical side.
Dream destination Germany is the spiritual home of all Virgos. It has romantic castles, world-class museums, beautiful countryside and the trains run on time.
Hotel heaven Virgos love Scandinavian design (all those clean lines), so Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel fits their aesthetic. The Mood rooms, which come with adjustable coloured lighting, will appeal to their love of the esoteric.
Ultimate experience The trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu feeds Virgos' hunger for both physical and mental challenges: four days of hardcore hiking, followed by the mystical experience of watching dawn break over the ancient Incan citadel.
Travel hell Drop a Virgo in the middle of Delhi or Mumbai, or any Indian city and watch them crumble. The dirt, disorder and general chaos will sear their very soul.
I am pretty predictable.

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